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I recently had my appointment with radiologist and to find out the he recommends 28 treatments.. Luckily he has given me time to think it over as last time with surgeon I had suggested to have my remaining breast removed to prevent any reoccurring breast cancer.. Having had left side removed with reconstruction n healed well n quick no complications I am thinking more to doing mastectomy again.. But any advise would be much appreciated... Thanks.. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  • If it's not been recommended by your surgeon why put yourself through an unnecessary op followed by more for reconstruction all surgery is a risk! Only you can make the choice but your oncologist should be the one to advise you what's best for youโœŠโœŒ be strong be well.๐Ÿ’žxxx

  • Hi there. I had a bilateral mastectomy on the 5th Jan. I opted not to go for reconstruction. I am happy with my choice, like you I opted for a bilateral to stop cancer returning, however I am having to have a second bash at chemo now as residual cancer cells were found so this round is stronger than the chemo I had in November and December last year. I am disappointed but doing my best to remain positive. I'll feel far better once I have my baseline CT scan and it comes back clear. Fingers crossed.

  • Hi Lainey you are very brave ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•if I go for mastectomy I would go with reconstruction again use muscle from the back with hopefully fat transfers no implants...

    Question are you still taking tamoxifen still even after all the breast tissue is removed?? Where else does hormone induced cancer appear in the body ? Cause I was told I would remain on tamoxifen until the ten yrs are up...

    Best wishes on your results its always a worrying time fingers n toes crossed... Xx

  • Hi Sile

    Unfortunately I don't have any meds to take as I have triple negative breast cancer and there is nothing that addresses this cancer. I will have regular scans to ensure nothing has returned. A bit unnerving as I would gladly take meds if it aided in keeping the cancer at bay. I'm waiting on a date for a baseline CT scan at the moment as my Oncologist wants to ensure that these residual cells they found have not embedded themselves anywhere else. All the best in your recovery Sile, it's a long road but please God we will be fit and healthy before we know it xx sending massive hugs and positive vibes xxx

  • I have had right breast removed and i start radio today just 15 sessions. I said to surgeon to remove other side as well. They said why remove a good breast and have extra surgery when it has no cancer in it. All my nodes came back clear so after thought i think they know best. But i still worry

  • I had triple negative breast clinic in the left breast (three tumors) I was also lymph node positive on the left. I chose a bilateral mastectomy for the same reason as you. I was presented with the Same argument. However I stood by my guns and had both breasts removed. I am now very happy that I did. In less than 10 weeks after surgery, I am.having to have further chemo as residual cancer cells were found. Today i had my first round of A&C chemo, very aggressive. It's also known as the red devil. I feel a combination of stoned and severely hung over... *Groan*... After this I will still have radiotherapy and then CMF chemo. I am happy with my choice as it appears I would have had to undergo the op again. I don't want you worrying as I am triple negative which is very aggressive also every situation is different. I was just very unlucky, however on the flip side it has been caught early now all I need Is for the cells to respond to the chemo. You continue to make a full recovery... Sending you very positive vibes x

  • i had lumpectomy then chemo further lumpectomy in same breast . then radio. opted to have double mastectomy as im triple negative and high genetic risk. had reconstruction at same time but was in extreme pain for 6 weeks so implants removed. soon to have latissimus dorsi reconstrucrion to right breast and left breast new implant. its been 21 months now.

  • Aw noooo... That sounds awful. The cancer and it's treatment is bad enough. I chose no live a 'flat' life although everything is healing nicely, I'm now being treated for residual cancer cells... Bummer.... Triple negative too... All the best and I hope this start improving for you x

  • I had a mastectomy and lymph clearance in January. I am also triple neg. I had a ct scan and was told all clear. How did they detect your residual calls - I start FEC-T tomorrow. Wishing you all the best x

  • hi SaraLouise they analysed the tissue in the lab after the mastectomy. The left tissue tested as positive for residual cancer cells and although these cannot be picked up by scans because they are so small, they can be found in the lab. Because I had a lot of cancer in the lymph nodes I now have to be treated that as of now it is probable that they are travelling around my body so a strong chemo is being used to 'sweep' them up. My last scan was October so I am awaiting a scan within this week to ensure it hasn't settled In other organ or the bone. After this round I have 25 session of radiotherapy and two more chemos during (CMF) during this time. What is FEC-T?

  • Thank you for your reply. It's so much information and I only found out by chance yesterday I am triple neg and not really sure what that means. I had 4 out of 19 lymph nodes affected and two lumps but chose a full mastectomy to be on the safe side?? One lump 3cms the other 4 millimetres which they only found during the op. FEC -t is the chemo I am having, 6 lots one every 3 weeks followed by 3 weeks of radio. First Chemo tomorrow afternoon. I hope you are doing ok, I thought it was going to easier - didn't anticipate the mental anxiety and strain. How many Lymphs did you have affected. Keep going you sound like you are over half way xxxx

  • I had it confirmed that I was triple negative before my first bout of chemo in November so they treated me with T & C chemo. I also had to inject myself in my stomach with lonquex which makes the white blood cells regenerate. That does make your bones ache. After three chemo treatments I had some severe reactions. I didn't get sick of nausea, naturally all hair fell out but after number 2 I had an anaphylaxic reaction and after 3 I had Neutropenia which is no white cells and no immune system. I was kept in isolation for 5 days and treated with a huge amount of antibiotics to build up the immune system. Surgery was brought forward by 3 months. I had a double mastectomy and lymph node removal from the left axila. I had 5 of 14 lymph nodes infected. After 6 weeks I saw surgeon who said I was technically clear but surgeon said I still needed to see Oncologist and I did the following week. He told me about the residual cancer, that I have to be treated again with chemo as a precautionary measure however it is probable that I have these cells because of the amount of residual cells found in the removed tissue and nodes. Anything under 2mm cannot be found by a scan. So we are hoping that in the past 8 weeks since surgery that they have not gathered anywhere else. It is at the moment precautionary but using A&C chemo this time. I had my first on Tuesday and injected this morning. Don't let it all worry too much as everybody's is different in one sense. I have a blog you might find helpful elainemurphy66.blogspot.ie I decided to write about my journey and found it very cathartic. Feel free to read it it goes into everything I have gone through. Keep strong and positive vibes being sent to you xxx

  • Sounds like you had a different chemo to what I am getting. The surgeon believes they have all mine out so no mention of residual cells??? It all does get confusing, so much to take in, mine has not been very forth coming with I formation so may ask re residual cells but they took my whole breast???? What a journey xxx

  • Indeed it really is quite a journey, surreal almost. It feels like I had my diagnosis only yesterday and yet so much has happened. Does the skin across your chest feel right? I still have needle aspirations from the left but not the right. Skin and tissue gets very tight when it is filling up... Groan... Still have to wait until Tuesday...

  • Morning, I have not needed any needle aspirations at all, it has all seemed to heal well. Right best get ready, first Chemo this afternoon!!!!! Xxxx

  • Good Morning. I would definitely recommend the removal of your other breast. I had ovarian cancer when I was 35 years old. Fortunately it was contained so I didn't need to undergo any further treatment other than the full removal of all my lady parts. Ten years on I was found to have invasive ductal and lobular breast cancer. I was told I would have a 95% risk of cancer reoccurring in my other breast! So both were removed. As breast cancer is known to also affect the ovaries due to the oestrogen in the body I would also recommend anyone who has breast cancer to have their ovaries removed or at the very least their CA 125 bloods done regularly. I do hope my journey has helped a little? I appreciate we are all different and what suits one person may not suit another.

    I wish you well And hope you make the right choice for you. Big (((hugs))) coming your way ๐Ÿ’“ xx


  • They wanted to give me a mastectomy but l refused and had a lumpectomy,node clearance, six months chemo and six weeks of radiotherapy which included under my arm. Although l had a high risk of reoccurrence the BC hasn't returned and l haven't had any problems because of the treatment which was in 2004.

    Josie x

  • In those days, they used to recommend mastectomies. Not any more. I wanted to have my left breast removed but my surgeon was against it.

  • Yes, depending on tumour size and where it was situated. Mine was 2.5cm and almost central. They told me if l held on to my Breast the nipple would be pointing downwards ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • Hi there, I had a further prophylactic mastectomy and didn't regret it. Good Luck!

  • Thank you all so much for all the replies... Hope to have meeting on Wednesday this wk with my oncologist I will definitely take everyone advise onboard..

    Wishing you all well this day!! Hugs ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • I opted for bilateral mascetomy and reconstruction I'm happy with my choice feels shaft to think it won't come back x

  • Hi again Well The meet with surgeon has been โ˜บ๏ธ I have decided to have second mastectomy with reconstruction the latissimus dorsi flap my own choice over another surgery to remove more breast tissue to check margins and also 28 treatments of radiotherapy... Definitely was no easy choice but it's the right one for me... Should get my date early April... But after 3 years since my first mastectomy at least time I know what's ahead and can plan better how to recover with planned books to read... Have a loving caring family two sons in their 20's and a 11year old daughter not forgetting my fantastic husband who has stuck by me throughout tough days he's a keeper๐Ÿ’•

    Thanks for all the advice and kind words...โค๏ธ

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger not everyone gets a second chance live life to the full "it's not a rehearsal" these are words from my brother before he passed away ๐Ÿ˜” after battling 18 months diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer..

    Keep well xxxxxxx

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