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Hi I've been on Tamoxifen for 5 years and I see a lot of people change medication or stop then. I'm wondering whether to ask my GP as no one has mentioned it to me.

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Everyone is different .. Some people under 60 start on tamoxifen but change to eg. Letrozole after .. Some if start medication 60+ Will only be on medication for 5 years ... Best thing is discuss with your oncologist xx

Thanks for the info, I started it when I was 46. I don't see the oncologist but the original consultant who diagnosed me and did the mastectomy sees me once a year so I can ask him I guess. Appreciate the response :)

There was a post about Tamaxofen and being pre or post menopausal recently, I replied as I've been on Tamaxofen since December 2913, no period since September 2013, no hot flushes/night sweats etc so I have no idea if I'm pre or post menopausal, the advice was for me to seek out a blood test, and I'm seeing my GP in a couple of weeks to discuss this, not sure if this helps you or not, but good luck anyway x

Thanks I probably need to see my GP too to arrange a blood test as my last one was nearly a year ago and I was still pre menopausal. I've suffered badly with the flushes and sweats since I started taking Tamoxifen and it's awful so I'm pleased for you that you haven't suffered with these side effects which are similar to symptoms of menopause. I also have joint pains that I didn't have before. Thanks for taking the time out to respond, I appreciate it and I wish you good luck too xx

Hi after 5 years I have switched to letriozole. I am 51. I also still have zoladex injections just in case I am not yet post menopausal. This was on my oncologists advice

I asked my GP if I could stop them she told me it is my Oncologist who I needed to ask as she can't take me of them when I mentioned to my breast care nurse she said I have been on Tamoxifen for 3 years my appointment with oncologist in 2 years they going to discuss with me taking it for another 5 years so 10 years I've been told I must admit I hate taking them I'm having really painful arms hot flushes have calmed down but my body gets really hot also I can't sleep at night that's the hard part I struggle with lack of sleep but I suppose I should be grateful I'm still here

They changed me to letrozole I think it depends if you PR or post menopausal some going on for ten years !! Good luck 🙌😇👍👍


Hi there

Tamoxifen is given to ladies who are pre menopausal. Once their "natural" menopause has passed then your Consultant or GP could change it to a post menopausal medication such as Anastrozole should you still need it or choose to take it as a precaution? As with all cancer beating drugs there are side effects. Please discuss this with your GP.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you. Big (((hugs))) 💓

Jen xx

I don't have an oncologist he referred me to the original surgeon who performed the mastectomy so I guess he will need to advise after I have a blood test. Thanks for all responses and advice. Like everyone I'm just glad to be here. Good luck to all of you and big hugs xx

I have been advised to stay on Tamoxifen for 10 years. Your GP is not the best one to advise you. Talk to either the breast care team at your hospital or your oncologist. Good Luck.

Whitesheba in reply to blue_sky1

Thanks I will do that xx

i was told that pre menopausal women have Tamoxifen because it makes you have menopausal symptoms. also, my consultant said that not all treatments finish automatically after 5 yrs, it goes on for however long they think we need it. xx

I'm premenopausal still and started tamoxifen in December 2015 at 52yrs. I was told 10 years as this is new Govt guideline. Hope this helps x

Thanks I was pre menopausal when I had last test but the sweats are worse than before. I'm 51 now and been taking it for nearly five years. I hate going for the blood tests as they struggle to get my blood as the chemo has damaged my veins badly. Last time they took it from my foot! Still it needs to done :) xx

Hi I have been on tamoxifen for 5years and just changing over to Letrozole I think it depends on your age , if you went through the change before chemo then you change tablets , but if chemo stopped your periods you stay on tamoxifen , maybe for 10 years, I would still enquire though X X

Thanks, chemo stopped my periods so it sounds the same as you. I've got GP appointment on Friday xx

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