I am new here!... I had Hodgkins Lymphoma just under 3 years ago and went through chemo ABVD and also radiotherapy. Given the all clear in Nov 2013👍....had a routine mammogram in January and I was recalled, had Biopsy and was told I had high grade Dcis ...I am going next week for wire localisation and a wide Local Excision . It apparently they think is very small! Radiotherapy should follow but as I have had radiotherapy to that area before when I had Hodgkins they are unable to give me that! They feel that I don't need to have a mastectomy as its small and they can hopefully get clear margins around it. Has anyone else not had radiotherapy following this? Once they have examined the tissue they think will give them a better idea. I am worried and would love some support....many thanks for reading this

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  • I just had dcis.I had a surgery to remove it.and now I'm waiting for them to test the sample and see if I do need radiation instead of just giving it to me and I may not even need it.but I'm gonna have to take some hormone treatment for sure because I have high levels of hormones in my breast.so I wish you the best of luck.God bless

  • Thanks for that Dawn.....keep me posted on what they say...good luck to you too 👍

  • Thank you.Prayers will come your way .and positive attitude works wonders with this disease.

  • Positive attitude is what got me through Hodgkins Lymphoma....so I do agree...at least I don't need chemo at the moment.. That was the worse last time and going bald 😂😂.....

  • I thought that for DCIS, the doctors just follow and don't rush to operate.

  • If it was a low grade yes....but when a high grade I think they have too...

  • Mine was low grade and it took about a month for surgery.it has been 16 days now and I feel really good except for just being tired all the time.That is a great blessing for you no chemo and no radiation.God bless

  • Going tomorrow for wire... Then Tuesday for Op.... Have you had your results back yet?

  • Nope not yet it will be a few weeks they say so waiting again.Good luck with that.it was horrible to me I cried.I'm glad you don't have to do chemo.that stuff is horrible for most people.let me know.God bless

  • How are you doing I have been thinking about you a lot I hope you are doing ok.I'm doing great went to the oncologist today he started me on hormones.but I can't take them until radiation is done.but I really believe I'm not going to have to get that I have a great surgeon Elizabeth Jeffers in st Joe Michigan.and I think she got all the cancer out.but we will know for sure on the 14th of March.Well I hope you are ok my friend

  • Still haven't heard how your results went?... Hope all ok mate x

  • Hello..well I had the wire inserted last Monday then the op on Tuesday...she said she was going to take a larger area as I couldn't have radiotherapy as I have had it before to that area. How funny I have to go back for my results on 14th March😀 I have got a horrible scar and my breast looks much smaller but let's hope they got it all, if not she may do another lumpectomy or mastectomy but hopefully she got it all out!.... Where abouts do you live? I live in the UK on the coast....take care x

  • So nice to hear from you.yeah how ironic that we have the same appt day lol.glad your doing well.I don't like my scar either.but maybe as time goesby they will get better.Well I'm gonna pray thatthey got it out for you.and that you don't have to go through either of those things.i live in the United States.In Saint Joseph Michigan.Well I hope you recover soon my friend.it's been a month now since my surgery and I feel great.keep me posted.God bless :-)

  • I hope you are doing ok still haven't heard from you.I'm doing good we had great weather here today so I got outside a lil bit it was great.

  • Hi Dawn

    I got my results back and all clear 😀😀....how did you get on ?

    Been thinking about you x

  • Hi I have had trouble getting my Gmail account to let me read my mail this site included.but I started radiation on April 5th/April 29th so far so good.I'm gettinga little pink but that's it so far.i use my cream that they gave me.i hope you are doing well.

  • Yes I am dong ok ....back at work now and back in my fitness regime a bit more now....I put on about 10lb over the past few months😳....so glad to hear from you and know you are doing ok...i have been thinking of you x

  • Glad to hear your doing well and back to work.I hope that is going ok for you.I started radiation on the 5th and so far so good.I'm getting a little pink but no pain.just some burning and itching.Lol.And it really plays with me mentally laying perfectly still on that uncomfortable table for 15 mins and not moving but.I'm learning patience I guess.Good tohear from you.

  • I'm on my last treatment today.all is well with me just a lil red and sore butother than that I'm doing good.Ihope you are well.Yeah I have also put on weight.Lol but it's ok with me.

  • Hey my friend how are you doing i haven't heard from you in a while i hope you are doing well. I'd really like to hear from you.😘

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