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Hello from The Haven!

Hello from The Haven!

Hello on this sunny February afternoon - we've been gathering lots of top tips to help you get through your breast cancer treatment. Would you like to make Tuesdays #toptiptuesdays? As taster here's a simple one from Vanessa...

"My oncologist recommended eating fresh pineapple when you can't taste anything other than a horrible metallic feeling in your mouth during chemo. It really works to clean your mouth and you can actually taste it!"

Let us know if this is helpful and if you would like more top tips.

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This is a great idea. I have several top tips if that would help any contribution?



Hi Emily,

That would be wonderful - feel free to start a conversation with your tips or email them to me at and we can add them to our list to share with our visitors.

Best wishes,



Great idea, definite lack of information given for ensuring good quality of life through treatment, for me anyway. Excellent clinical care though

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So pleased you like the idea - we'll post another tip on Tuesday.


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