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2014 cancer

2014 cancer

Hi I was diagnosed in April 2014 just after losing my lovely French mastiff doggie to brain tumour so when I found lump in the shower I just thought it was a gland .

I was told I have a hormone cancer grade 2 and positive lymph cancer in same ide armpit.

I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy I had every side effect and some they never herd of before nightmare doesn't come close.

I had lymph surgery then breast surgery and they found more so mascetomy and dieap flap reconstruction using tummy and since them 2 revision surgeries

Now problem with spine nerve damage and carpol tunnel chronic in both hands

I guess we beat the cancer then other after effect battles begin in hopeful I will feel human again and a women....

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You poor soul, you have really been through it. I am so sorry you lost your little dog. I bought a dog shortly after getting breast cancer, a black labrador. She makes sure I get out walking everyday ! You must have been heartbroken, and then all your suffering while grieving for your poor dog.

You are the sort of person I admire (rather than all these "celebrities" )

You sound like a fighter, although I wish you hadn't had all this trouble, and I wish you all the best for the future. I pray you start having an easier time now. God bless.


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