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Hi my name is Jill , have been clear for 5 years , been on tamoxifen 5 years and due to start Letrozole has anyone got any advice about being on Letrozole as I have had a few side affects with tamoxifen and curious to hear about the possible side affects Letrozole ,thank you

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Hi Jill I thought once you had five years of tamoxifen that was it...? Yikes xx

Yeh still I suppose it's keeping all at bay x I'm hoping the letrozole is kinder as I have been wearing wigs for a few years as tamoxifen attacks fast growing cells and is giving me very thin hair

Mandywilson in reply to Jelly21

Hi, I was told because I was u see 60 (albeit 3 weeks under) I would be given medication for 10 years X if I had been 60 only given them for 5 !!

julesab in reply to Jelly21

I thought that too now a different doc said letrozole for three years ! I beyond arguing now just taking it 🙌💪

Hello Jill I am on Letrozole and its fine for me....I had grade2 breast cancer and mastectomy on right boob plus lymphnodes removed, my cancer was hormone driven now I take Letrozole...had 1st mammogram bone scan and all is clear....stay positive xx

Thank you for your help X

Hi I've just joined this group I'm on Letrozole only few months but no problems so far ! Fingers crossed

Thanks Sandy hope it's the same for me lol will be on them for 5 years

I've been taking Anastrozole which is similar, I think, to Letrozole so the only serious side effect is a decrease in bone density. I met a lady who was on Anastrozole for 11 years and managed to keep osteoporosis at bay just by doing physical exercises on a regular basis. Don't worry as you'll be sent to have Dexa scans every two years, I think.

Hi , my name is Mandy , I have taken letrozol for the last 5+years , and have been toLd I will be on them another 5 years...There are side effects but people react differently. I have the hot flushes , but was given Clonadine tablets (no hormones) this helps . Joint discomfort but tolerable ..sleep disturbance....but I just think it's worth taking as it hopefully keeps the hormones away ! ... Good luck xx

I was on tamoxifen for five years and changed to letrozole, I been on it a year and not noticed any side effects ! Good luck 😁😁

Thank you ladies , I think you get comfortable taking one type and it's a new step , but your comments help , it's lovely to have you all to chat to 💕

I have been on letrozole now for 3 and a bit years and worst side effect is very dry skin. It exacerbated already dry skin and it's gradually calming down. Of course it affects bone density so I also have Ad-Cal and Alendroic acid tablets to take. What fun!!

Will feel weird when it gets to 10 years and all the meds stop!

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