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Cancer returned

I was diagnosed with DCIS 2014 after 2 ops was given the all clear.px tamoxifen

Oct 2015 found 3 lumps in that breast I have been fobbed off with 2 diagnoses I persisted in going back time and time again was biopsied Jan 2016 and diagnosed cancer had returned in 2 places had mastectomy and lymph nodes removal 1/2/16 in surgery 11.30 am in recovery 14.30 home by 6pm with drain I've been back 3 times since drain removed for to be drained off but it's been ok not painful now I have cording which is painful but I'm doing the exercises getting out and about you have to get on with it scar bumpy and different sensations but that's to be expected

What I have learnt is don't be fobbed off believe your body and make sure they listen to you so what if it's nothing !! It's your life not theirs

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Good on you, well said, sorry to here your news by the way brings back memories for me, 16 months before I was diagnosed with 2 cancer lumps, a mammogram showed I had abnormal breast tissue, when asking what does that mean, was told to take evening primrose, as had a history of blocked ducks, I then kept going to doctors with an iratating pain in my armpit at top of boob, to be told its blocked ducks, and cancer isn't painfully, ha ho mectomy, chemo, radio, hysterectomy, and 3 years on......your right, listen to your body, and don't take No for an answer x

Feeling for you, x

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Oh I really feel for you. I am fighting for an ultrasound on my left breast haven't got the right one anymore. We do know our bodies and should be listened to. Thinking of going and paying for one. Wishing you all the best.


Thanks I would pay for it privately I was about to go private when I went back for the last consultation I am a nurse at that trust would you believe I was back and too to the day unit but got the impression they thought I was a hypochondriac it was disgusting especially with my previous history my uss report said multiple cystic masses probably fat necrosis back in October but despite them getting bigger did not biopsy them til Jan

Persist keep phoning I said on one occasion well I want it on my notes my worries because if anything becomes of this !!!

Good luck I hope all is well in the end


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