Hello ladies is there any of you out there that has been tested for the BRCA gene? I have spoke to a lady who has had breast cancer and she managed to get it done. I was 43 when I first got diagnosed I have always suffered with benign cysts from my early 20s. I lost my mum to Ovarian cancer 9 years ago. We lost her farther to lung cancer before I was born. I am in the middle of doing my family tree. A lot of my mum's relatives passed away at early ages unfortunately and I don't think cancer was a big thing back then because nobody really tested for it or knew too much about it....... I would love to hear any body thoughts. I believe a private BRCA test privately costs £2000 ?????

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  • I was referred by my consultant surgeon for gene testing as my paternal grandmother died of BC in her 40s, my maternal aunty had BC at age 32 and her aunt had died in her 50s from it so it was felt that when I was diagnosed last year aged 34 that there must be something in it as all quite young. I went along and did a simple blood sample and the genetic doctor I spoke with who had all my family history as I'd previously sent it to him, felt that it would be negative for the BRCA genes as the relations affected weren't close enough, if it was say my mother, sister or maternal grandmother then the possibility was strong, 8 weeks after test I received a negative result which the doc said wasn't a surprise. I think it really varies on who you have as to whether you get automatically referred, my oncologist had agreed with the genetic doc from the outset that the relatives weren't close enough.

  • Thanks for coming back to me I need to do some more digging in the past xx

  • Hi Jelly21, I lost about 95% of the females in my family to ovarian cancer or related cancers - all before the age of 45. I was tested for the BRCA gene at age 36 and tested positive for the gene. I was urged to have my ovaries removed and agreed by age 37. Went on an annual screening program for breast cancer from 2000, because my chances then increased for getting breast cancer. I moved home in 2014 and somehow my screening fell through the loop..missed one year of screening and was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma in July last year age 52. I guess I've managed to add a few more years to my life having my ovaries removed 😊 I am now concerned for my daughter age 29 and spoke to the breast care nurses and consultant at Royal Surrey hospital. They have a BRCA screening program with St Georges and I think Royal Marsden as well. Screening is free on the NHS, but you need to get a referral from your GP and usually done if there is a suspected cancer link in families. They have also changed the way they manage and screen patients now For ovarian cancer.

  • Thank you coming back to me the amount of people that I have heard who like my mum had ovarian cancer never stood a chance . I don't have a daughter but do fear for future granddaughters . I will see where I get with my GP xx

  • If you do have BRCA gene then you do have to have your son's tested as they could get prostate cancer, which is part of the same family.

  • Thank you I didn't t know prostate was part of the same group xx

  • I'm waiting on word ,have sent away the information needed , they said I was a candidate for testing as my grandmother sadly passed away with breast cancer, my mum just finished treatment march 2015 for the same and I was diagnosed October 2015 at 45 yrs old , I have a daughter of 16 yrs so really want to push at getting this done , Good luck and stay strong xx

  • Thank you for coming back to me and good luck for the test xx

  • My mum had herself tested before she died, they were not expecting it be positive as not many family members had a history of dying from cancer, but it was. So me and my siblings (and her siblings) were tested straight away. If you have such a large family history of it I am sure your dr should refer you to get tested.

  • Thank you for coming back to me xx

  • Hi lovely lady

    I just got my results well just before New year, it was a big relief for my daughter age 21, I went on at my oncologist as my mum was diagnosed with cancer last year, and Iost a sister year before I was diagnosed, also 3 aunts, ..... it's taken a while but got an appointment in London hospital, spoke to doctor there, they need as much information as you can get on relatives on your mother's side, they took blood test and asked if I wanted it done as part of research, I agreed, I've been waiting about 6 months, but great news I'm not carrying the Baca, was such a relief for my daughter, but do ask your oncologist, x

  • Thank you for this xx

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