Emotional wreck

Hi all, when I was first diagnosed with triple negative BC, I had a few wobbles but apart from that I coped pretty well. I have now been given my FEC T start date, I have become an emotional wreck. It's not the chemo that is worrying me, part of me can't wait to get started. I don't know what is causing this. I can't talk to my husband because he doesn't understand

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  • It's the shock of it all. Everyone in this site has been through exactly the same feelings. And got through it. Have a good cry when you need to, take a very deep breath and off you go again. The treatment is going to make you better and when I had FEC-T it was fine. Positive thoughts sweetie. Here for you. 💕

  • Its an emotional rollercoaster, there was never any consistency to my feelings/ moods when I was having chemo. I would mostly have positive days but then some days were dark and i'd think what's the point. Its all normal and expected, just don't expect too much of yourself. Best wishes x

  • Hi There. I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, last October. I under went Three chemo sessions before it was stopped as it was having a very bad effect on me. I had a double mastectomy 7 weeks ago. This last Tuesday (16 Feb 16) I was at my Oncologist who told me I have residual cancer cells. These are cells that are too small to he detected by any scans. Because it's triple negative it is only chemo they fight it with as there is no follow up medication to fight it. So I face a gruelling four rounds of very strong chemo, followed by radiotherapy and a milder chemo at the same time. It will be mid June before its over. I know how you feel it's not a good feeling but try to concentrate on everything else around you. If you let this feeling of despair drag you down you will find it harder to fight it. You need all your strength, a positive mental attitude, but you also need support. I have a best friend who will hug me at my low times. Sometimes that is something you may need, someone to hug you while you have a good cry. That is actually strength building too. If it's any help pop onto my blog and have a read it may be of some help to you.


    You will probably identify with a lot of the feelings. Good luck and stay strong. We both have a battle ahead xx

  • Hi Elaine, I have just read your blog. I relate to a lot of your emotions. You are my inspiration. I hope your chemo is not as bad this time round and wish you health for the future x

  • This is normal, it makes it real. Try to think positively, talk to your breast cancer nurse, find a support group and call Macmillan help line as they are brilliant.

    I have just finished FEC-T and it wasn't so bad.

    Good luck x

  • I have to say most of the time I am unphased by this cancer stuff. Every now and then the thought that it's triple neg slaps me in the face. I think what if it's not all gone or comes back!!!!! But I refuse to die. I have things that I need to do first. Are you maybe concerned about looking or feeling sick from chemo?

  • Hi i am worried about how my son is going to react to seeing me not being well due to chemo. I lost my mother in law, 3 years ago to breast cancer and my son took it really bad. He still hasn't got over it and I'm worried he start having nightmares again. The triple neg worries me, the thought it might come back...... I just wish I could shut my brain down, just an hour without thinking cancer would be great. I won't let this beat me, but this week has been my hardest since diagnosis. Wishing you health and happiness x

  • I keep reading about double or triple negative and haven't heard of this???? What does it mean please??? X

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