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Hi, I am new on here after coming across it on fb. So nice to find somewhere where people are in the same boat. I found my lump last march, two ops later (last one a mastectomy), chemo and radiotherapy done I am now in limbo time, called recuperation I believe, but it's not a great place. Not helped by the fact I have to wait 12 months for reconstruction. In my mind, that was the end to this horrible journey. Roll on next year !!

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I had to wait too I did have implant (pump up one) but that kept giving me cellulitis so I had that removed !! I decided to get a job and mover on with life and they called me for my op ! Five years ago now ! I am left with lymphoedema in my arm but am vstill working tho have now also been diagnosed with sarcoidosis !! Good luck with your journey

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Thank u for taking the time to reply :-)

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Hi I am due to have full node clearance and part of breastfeeding removed where my stage 3 aggressive lump is. It has shrunk by two thirds and hoping it has continued to shrink since my last chemo 3 weeks ago!! I am extremely worried about getting lymphoid email! Any advice would be greatly appreciate. I'm. Also new to this site.

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That was supposed to read lymphoedema. Predictive text lol

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Keep up with your exercises I ha d nodes in my armpit removed thankfully they were clear but was worried about lymphoedaema (lymphoid email sounds fun!lol) so was very strict about doing the exercises they tell you to do also the massaging to keep the lymph draining 😊

I got lymphoedema 3 years after initial diagnosis ! In my right arm and I wear compression sleeves all day ! I have to be careful what I do with that arm and have had several cellulitis flares requiring iv antibiotics ! But not everybody gets it ! Good luck 🙌👍👍😇

I have had problems with my arm after node removal as the drain had attached to some nerves. The radiotherapy has set it back but thankfully no lymphedema so far. People think once treatment is over that's it !! I wish but we have to keep star xx

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