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After radiotherapy

I am due to start the first of 15 sessions of radiotherapy tomorrow and I wondered whether you have a scan a while after, like a bone scan or Some other type. I've had chemo last year, a mastectomy and having herceptin injections til October. Before any treatment started I had an MRI scan but only to the breasts. I suppose my thinking is how can they be sure its not spread if they haven't done scans anywhere else. From what I've read it really seems to vary wherever you live as some people seem to have had bone scans etc...

Any input on this would be appreciated x

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Hi, I had lumpectomies, no chemo but 15 days radiotherapy which finished January 2014, although I had a CT scan before radiotherapy which was mainly to make sure all the equipment lined up and blasted me in the right places, when all that was done i just had a bone scan to check the state if them and to monitor them for osteoporosis, hope that helps, it showed I'm at intermediate risk of fractures and to have another scan in 3 - 5 years, hope that helps x


I finished my radiotherapy a couple of weeks ago, was diagnosed last May, had chemo, mastectomy and am receiving the herceptin jabs. I had a bone scan last year before my chemo started. Although it puts ur mind at rest, for me, it was only a short term thing as this horrible disease can appear at any time. If u r worried I would speak to one of your consultants. Hope that helped and good luck xx


7 years ago I had grade 3 1.5cm tumor andlumpectomy followed by 6 lots chemo then had 3weeks of radiation . . All I had was c t scan for the radiologist consultant .before the rads . . My lymph nodes was negative . . Xx


I,m sure they would have scanned if they thought there was ANY chance of it having spread ... The bone scans are not checking for cancer they are bone density scans..the tamoxifen and other hormone suppressants make us more likely to get osteoporosis I,ve had 2 bone (dexa)scans in 9years I,ve got some thinning but seem to be stable although I did fracture my wrist last march😑 All I can say is it does you no good at all to worry about something you have no control over so don't worry until there's something to fret about enjoy your life and live it x


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