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Awaiting reconstruction

Hi everybody I am new here I had a mastectomy Sep 2014 finished chemo and radiotherapy March 2015. I am now 45 years old and on tamoxifen . I am considering reconstruction in August I have to get my son through his GCSEs first. Has anybody had it done and how long recovery time etc ? I would love to hear real life story information warts and all. A tram flap surgery is on the cards . Thanks in advance girls ! Xx

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I am 49 and had left breast mastectomy on Dec. 28. I am in the process of reconstruction. I have the expander in and each week I get it inflated a little bit. Doctor says its about 6 month process


Hi, I had right breast mastectomy 18th December with expander which has been getting filled up, I am small breasted anyway so mine is at its fullest now and just have to leave it in place for 6 months now and then get my proper implant. I've already decided not to have a nipple done at a later date, don't want to put myself through anything else, or at least the me that's currently fed up of being prodded and poked so to speak, is feeling right now!

Good luck to anybody having surgery/reconstruction.


Thank you for sharing your story its good to hear about different reconstruction processes and yes I know exactly what you mean about being poked and proded when you go through treatment there is certainly no dignity left!!! Xx


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