10 year survivor

Hi everyone this is my first time here and I,m a survivor first diagnosed nearly 10 years ago with grade 3_aggressive cancer in left breast after 12_months of various lumps and cysts I finally had a mammogram at age 49 the radiographer asked if I had noticed anything different apart from the benign cysts ..I said just a small area of skin that seemed to dimple and stretch when I raised my arm she then made sure this particular area was pictured and a few days later I was recalled for a biopsy and then that dreaded result " you have breast cancer" I went for my results alone never for one moment thinking I would hear those words . I left the consultant in a state of disbelief or denial they said this was quite a normal reaction the reality hit when I got home to my husband and family lots of tears and then the short period of anxiety waiting for my op. I was very lucky.... After a wide local excision and removal and examination of the lymph glands under my left arm, no trace of cancer was found in these glands because of this I didn't have to undergo chemo and was instead given a course of radiotherapy As I said I was very lucky !! Yes it was scary but you have to stay positive stay STRONG I had good support from family and friends and I go for yearly check-ups and a mammogram every 3 years .....Proud to be a survivor🙌🙌🙌

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  • Very encouraging to read your story, I too diagnosed grade 3 last July but had chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy starts Thursday. Congrats on being a 10 year survivor, hope more and more of us are up there with you x

  • Hi good to hear from you and your story is encouraging to others and there is life after all the heartache. Did you bother with reconstruction? Xx

  • Hi no didn't bother didnt want another(unnecessary) op I just stick a chicken fillet in left side to even things up but have thought about it over the last 10 years if its right for you go for it

  • Hi thank you for responding some days I want it and sometimes I don't I wish we didn't have to go through this in the first place it would of made life a lot simpler xx

  • Stay positive stay strong😊am sorry you had to go thru so much I used after sun cream on my breastwhen skin went red after radiotherapy I found it helped

  • Ha sorry previous reply not meant for you !! I think if I,d been younger (was49) or if scar and missing chunk was more visible I might have gone for reconstruction my bra covers most of it and chicken fillet does the rest 😊

  • I was diagnosed 15months ago with grade 3 stage 3a. Her2positive and estrogen positive and have had the full works so to speak. Am now cancer free -yay! Which is a truly amazing outcome.

    So feeling very fortunate -still recovering from the after effects of treatment. I'm looking at recon because am big breasted and fine when clothed with the prosthesis but not so keen when Im naked. I also find the prosthesis hot and sweaty in summer/hot weather so though recon is a big step and major surgery am taking consultation but also taking my time -pros and cons either way.

    However am just so happy to be alive and well.......😊😊😊 and continue to celebrate life!!!

  • So pleased you are now cancer free, another positive story to keep everyone going! X

  • Hi Janny, STRONG, POSITIVE and great SUPPORT are certainly the way forward!

    Lovely of you to join here. Great to have somewhere to go and sound off! Keep going xx💗💗

  • You too Trace thanks , wishing you all the best 💞✊xxx

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