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Triple negative breast cancer anyone still out there without a reoccurrence?

Hi folks,

I was diagnosed with triple negative non-BRACA mutation breast cancer on the 10th of December. The whirlwind started and I'm now on my second chemo cycle of FEC-T. I've done it hard. I'm still intact and will have surgery at the end of my chemo cycles. Hopefully Warwick my evil tumour will be gone before a knife hits me.

I know I have the worst outcomes for all of the breast cancers statistically. I guess I just want to hear a positive triple neg survivor story. If you're out there say hi! Sending love from the trenches.


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Hi, I have finished all treatments this year for TNBC, chemo, 2 ops and radiotherapy, I think we can do this, so I am sending you a big high five and lots of positive thoughts and love x


Thanks him! Damn straight we can. X

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Hi kmmy,I'm a survivor July 2013, my friend is over 10 years so it's not all doom and gloom like you read,it does prey on your mind when you get diagnosed as triple negative it's very scary and the more you read the worse it is,try not to read the bad stuff, but I did so you probably will,but it gets easier

What's statistics ,it's only a number!!!

Take each step as it comes and try not to focus on what ifs,as what if it never happens and you wasted all that time thinking about it that's what my triple negative friend used to say and she's living proof it's not all bad

Hope your journey goes well


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