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Hi Ya'll

So after Biopsy,Mamo and Sonar all confirmed in November 2015 i had breast cancer ...The Doctor referred me to the provincial Hospital for 11 Jan 2016, on that they i saw the doctor again She did all the "necessary" like feel the lump but only with her hands...Then she send me for 3 types of blood test, and X-Rays and then they sent me home...My next appointment is for 5 Feb where the will do more test one of which is a B.F.G I think that's an Afrikaans abbreviation for something to do with Breast cancer, I will also go for CAT Scan then...Then on the 11 Feb i will see the Cancer Specialist...I am so confused the Doctor says i am in the early stages i will not take her word because my GP also said the lump i have in my breast does not feel like a Cancer Lump so i will wait for the test results...So now i am not sure when the Operation will take place and will they only remove the lump or the breast...I know absolute nothing of the type of Breast Cancer i have, because every time i see a doctor i am so dumb st rucked Because i still cannot believe that i have Breast Cancer...I Also get these quick stabbing pains in the infected breast does this have anything to do with the cancer spreading...and the dates the hospital are giving me are so far apart wont the Cancer spread...I am so scared

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oh dear i remember the confusion so well. there are so many different paths they cannot day which one you will go down. take each stage as it comes..see your breast care nurse for answers and information..but they will.advise you of options. hoping its not cancer for you.


No wonder you are confused, you are being given really mixed messages. I hope you can speak to someone who can help you to identify your options soon, and before your 11 Feb appt. If you have a breast care nurse that might be best bet but not sure if that is available to you?


If it's any consolation I had 3 tumours, 2 of which were over 2cm wide and I had no pain or symptoms whatsoever, so hopefully the lumps you have are benign xx


Ah you are bound to be afraid. I was diagnosed on the 2nd October 2015. My GP felt the lump I had found and referred me immediately. I was seen in the breast clinic the following Monday for a 3in1 appointment. Mammogram Ultrasound and biopsy. I returned to the clinic in Fri 2nd for results. I have since had chemo and a double mastectomy. More chemo and radiotherapy to go. Now this all seems very fast, however it's how breast cancer is treated here. I do know of people in Wales who are waiting ages from one appointment to another. Is there a cancer support service over there who can advise you, or will your GP rush an appointment on for you if you go back and tell him/her your worries? I wish you all the best. And hope for you that it turns out not to be cancer at all. Xx

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Stay positive they will only do what is necessary to keep you healthy and they will tell you exactly what needs to be removed or treated ...when I had my op they told me they would remove the tumour with a margin of 10cm around it if that margin is clear they don't need to take more I hope your surgery goes well and you are soon clear you should talk to your consultant or specialist nurse if there is anything you're worried about


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