Hair loss

I have just completed my treatment and awaiting surgery. My hair fell out after second treatment and I have just used hats. Benefit of being bald is how quick you can shower. No hair to dry means i am ready so quickly. Nose hair was a surprise as my nose has run constantly and sometimes suddenly if I leaned forward, tissues were always to hand. Eyebrows and eyelashes have only recently fallen out completely, do not mind but eyes can get gritty and water a lot. Has not been to bad so far and it is great not having to shave / wax .

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  • Every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Was going make comment but' lovesradio' beat me to it you got to laugh and see the positive my eyebrows lashes and hair and pubes got thin since tamoxifen I do however seem to get fine dark hairs sprouting in the wrong places 😔!!! Hope your surgery goes well

  • I'm at a similar stage to you just now, due 3rd chemo cycle this Tuesday.  I like to focus on humour with these effects.  I never have a bad hair day 😜.  Some of my finger nails are starting to get brown lines on them,  did you get this too?  This is with eperubecin.

  • Hi, paint your nails with a dark colour and keep it on always. I was given that advice and my nails were good, they would discolour quickly when it was off. Nearly grown out now, I can still see a ridge where chemo and post chemo nail meet. Have to do toes as well. 

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