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Inflamtory breastfeeding cancer

I was dignosed with IBC on my right breastfeeding on 1st Oct 2015 I have had 6 chemo sessions and one more to go this plan had to change twice as I am.allergic to taxcol and tetra I am due a full mastomcy in beg of April then 6 weeks radiotherapy and as I am.Her postive I am getting her cep tin til.end of January and.hopefully reconstruction then.

I am 45 now just wondering has anyone else this type of cancer and how was.the recovery

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So vexed for you as I though breastfeeding was one of the things that was supposed to guard against breast cancer (didn't for me right enough). I had mastectomy of left breast followed by chemo with FEC then taxotere, then a year of herceptin. Only FEC had horrible sick side effects. Tolerated taxotere and herceptin OK though am still left with 2 split nails from taxotere 9 years on.

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everyone is different..i had invasive ductal carcenoma triple negative. treatment options are different for everyone. i had lumpectomy , chemo, further lumpectomy, radio, genetic counselling then double masty and reconstruction using implants

..taken out 6 weeks later. waiting for next attemt in march where they will use latissimus dorsi muscle and back skin. the best thing anyone can do is eat well and light exercise.. enjoy the sunshine and the rain. find out who your true friends are and spend time with them. stay positive and if you smoke or drink or drugs try to stop. life certainly changes but can be for the better. good luck.


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