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Weight gain and hair loss

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I will be getting the red death(devil) cytoxan and adriamycin every 2 weeks x 4 treatments. Then taxol every week for 12 weeks. I know my hair will fall out but what about facial hair? Eyebrows? Legs? I sure hope that it won't come in curly. I don't need a curly mustache lol. What about weight gain? I always thought cancer caused weight loss. Any info you can share is appreciated. I do realize all cases are different. Thank you.

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My hair fell out (head and bodily hair) however brows and lashes remained

Good luck with your treatment x

Thank you for the info. I don't think I will mind being bald. I just wish it was in warm weather.

Sure my kids think I'm cool 😎 lol. Bald is not bad at all. I agree about the cold ;) I had pals send me different hats and I posted pics on fb. Lol. I do get very warm so use the caps now and again but tend to just go bald.

Lol I said I was gonna start a hat collection. Think I want some that look like animals.

Lol that would be cool. It is amazing how light hearted fun eases the way especially when pals from afar get involved. When does all the treatment start? x

Start chemo Jan 8 th. I just can't wait till the first few are done. Then I will know what to expect.

I have kept a blog so feel free to have a read, although all experiences will be different it will give you an idea. elainemurphy66.blogspot.ie I will have had my surgery three days before you start on the 5th. Good luck with it all ;) xx

Good luck to you too. Hope you have a great team caring for you. It does make a difference.

its good to keep records . as i have started notes for myself , i am waiting which i dont know when yet because the dr said he does not know which to give me first it was Radio or Chemo , ,,

hi. i had different chemo to you but all my hair fell out.. even my toe hair that has never grown back. nose hair too that was strange and my nose inside seemed moist and i needed tissues a lot. its been over a year now since last chemo and some hair not really growing back.. but my head hair is now the same as before.. not as long yet. at first my hair grey back like fluffy and grey but the wigs came in useful..also bobcaps. you are not allowed to dye hair as your hair follicles are weak. my sister also had cancer.. she used the cold cap so she managed to save a lot of hair even tho it went thin she didnt need wigs jyst a hair piece bun and clips etc. i tried the cold cap but it was freezing and i couldnt tolerate it. get yourself a nice eyebrow pencil as i found it strange with no eyebrows. but to be absolutely honest you wont care how you look so much as how you feel. everyone is different tho. just remember the drugs are essential treatment.

Thank you. I agree that it's about how you feel. In my case they are saying for a cure. However, I have learned when it comes to cancer you are never really cured.

Lol, you have just made me realise why my nose keeps running, I forgot about nose hair. Mine has gone too :-D lol.

Hahaha I guess we know why it's there now.

Ha ha ha :) :) I sneeze more too lol

Just wanted to wish you all the best in the fight against those nasty cells.

Good luck!

Thank you so much.

I had 2 cancers and did not lose weight 😈😈😈 I had the cold cap onmmy head and did not lose the hair on my head, though I had had most of it cut of first only for easy management. I did lose every other hair on my body including eyebrows and eyelashes. They all grew back no different !! Good luck ! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Thank you. I wonder if there is a way to block unwanted hair from growing back 😏

Yes it was good having no underarm or leg hair ! But it not as thick now but I have to use cream now to get rid !!

I do look forward to not shaving.

There has to be a plus to this journey lol

Lol 😁 apparently some doesn't lol.... Would save a heck of a lot of money on waxing and sharing ha ha ha

in reply to Lainey66

Shaving that should be x


Tried cold cap but didnt work, haur was very long and weak at roots so every time i combed it some more came out. I had a bald spot on top so wore a wig. I lost hair everywhere else except on my arms. Hair came back fluffy then curly but not grey as i thought it might. Other hair hasnt come back somuch which is great as i have very dark hair.

Good luck with the treatment and take it one step/treatment at a time.

Thank you. I am feeling very positive most of the time.

Lost all my hair on my cancer treatment but afterwards it gradually came back, but less underarms, eyebrows and legs, so less to remove! Once my head hair started to grow back I started to have it cut and styled regularly, which made it look more 'meant to be' and made me feel better. Eventually grew enough for a short bob and fringe that hides my almost missing eyebows! 5 years on from treatments I decided after talking with my hairdresser that a wee touch of colour could be tried and now almost 9 years on I have not looked back. I wish you all the best on the combination therapy that you have been offered and that it kicks those cancer cells into oblivion.

its best to not use chemicals on your skin during or after chemo. let nature take its course. after a while things return to near normal.

I don't use chemicals on my skin. Even my soaps and lotions are all natural.

In my case, I lost all hair. Everywhere. Only the hair atop my head grew back curly, and those curls faded after about nine or ten months. Too bad. I enjoyed having naturally curly hair for a change! As for weight issues, cancer treatments affect your appetite, and the drugs you take to enable you to tolerate chemo can make you gain. It's better than throwing up, so I lived with it. I gained during chemo and lost during radiation. Then I gained a lot during the five years following during which I took an estrogen blocking drug. Now that I've finished all treatment, I'm hoping to lose those unwanted pounds. But a few extra pounds is a small price to pay to be cancer-free. Best of luck to you.

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