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Xmas at work

Hi guys, further to my last post, cataract was done last Saturday, still healing and getting better each day. Work is still an issue, the 2 ladies I worked with gave both 'left', the lady I job shared with came back Tuesday to cover for the manager who had to go home to pick up her 16 yr old son from school, my question to you al is this:usually we get Xmas pressies and cards for each other, as the other 2 no longer 'work with me', and I haven't been wanted/needed ever since I went back after my cancer, do I get them Xmas pressies or not, at the moment I don't even ant to do cards for them, as always love and hugs to you all

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hi. just dont worry about it. ive decided to just send to family and close friends from now on and donate to a local good cause.

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