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Breast Cancer

In 2001 I was diagnosed with themost aggressive type of Breast Cancer. While awaiting surgery I read Professor Jane Plants Book Your Life In Your Hands. So I changed my diet and avoided all dairy. Took vitamin C and Co-Q10 and the lump reduced in the month befor surgery.

At that time I was in a pilot where some lympnodes would be tested to see if the cancer had spread. Lucky for me it had not so I had the lump removed.

Then a month after surgery I was talked in to having raditherapy and then I was told the Radiun had changed the cells and they were uptaking Estrogens . So I had to have my breast removed. Then I refused Chemo a year later I was given the all clear.

Warm Regards

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Thank you for sharing your story. Did you take tamoxifen after the mastectomy?


Hello Beautiful

No I didnt need anything and I still take vitamin C and Co-Q10 daily

Warm regards


It's interesting that even after the doctor found a connection between your cancer cells and oestrogen, you weren't prescribed any medication but had your breast removed instead? I thought that they would have consulted with you between removal vs taking Tamoxifen or Anastrozole. But all this fades into insignificance when one considers you've been clear of cancer for so many years. I had all my lymph nodes removed plus an extra one near my neck at the same time as the operation on my breast. I understand that you continue not to have any diary products?!

Good luck to continue being cancer free!


I was so scared when I was told about the cell change. At that time my daughter wanted me to have both breast off because she was scared of losing me. When I am swimming its a nuicence.

Being a nurse I am very mistrusting of drugs because I have seen the outcomes. I trusted my surgeon. Still no dairy!

Having a positive outlook is so important Be nice to yourself

Warm regards


Hi Victoria (btw, it's one of my names too), I'm not in the medical profession, but I normally ask about the reason for every single pill I'mtold to take, but what do you do about mammograms, for instance? I am expected to have the third one next month, and I'd prefer to have a thermography instead. My oncologist doesn't seem to want to comment in writing.

You were lucky that your doctor didn't prescribe any pills to take as I discussed with my doctor not to change the one I take now to the famous Tamoxifen which is given nowadays for ten years!


Hello Rebec

The mammograms are painful but that was only thing available when I had cancer. My lump was at the back of my nipple, so I wa s lucky that it was found.

I remember the Doctor on the radio saying it was not painful but a person phoned in and said how would you feel if your testes were put between 2 metal plates and squeezed and the Doctor's reply 'I would not like it'

Just today my son-in-law was saying how drug companies where trying to prove that drug worked better than placebos. But Plasibos worked better which show the power of the mind.

Stress is not good for the body.

Memories that I carry with me going through treatment.

A man being really horrible to his wife who was an old lady going through treatment.

When I went to the Breast Cancer support groups a lot of the women were enjoying the time off work which is really sad to know that their job were so stressful.

I was going through a stressful time at home. I told my group it not easy to get cancer you need 3 different elements and one of the woman told me to f...off I found it very easy.

I believe If you are positive Rebec you will do fine


I fully agree with you that stress is enemy number one. Maybe someone will invent a pill which will destress everyone, and I'm not talking about antidepressants!


Love your stories Victoria and Rebec, we need to ask questions, not accept with blind faith, seek evidence of efficacy of interventions, a good oncologist will take the time to show you this and then you can make a truly informed choice. May we all go forward cancer free and keep loving life.

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Thanks for your support


What I find it hard to understand is that after having had radiotherapy, which uses X-rays, we are sent to have, annually for the first five years, these mammograms which are again based on X-rays, so we accumulate all this radiation in a place which we try to maintain cancer free. I asked about having MRI which doesn't involved radiation, but was told that this shows too many details which might involve unnecessary biopsy. I don't really believe all this. I presume that they don't use it because MRI is very expensive. My late neighbour who was a very well-known surgeon told his wife to keep away from mammograms! And he operated women who had breast cancer! I don't know if one can trust the new method of thermography which can be done privately for cc £125.

Let's hope that cancer treatments will only get better, and maybe, in the near future, there will be vaccinations available which will prevent so much suffering as some of us continue to be reminded of the operation because of the lymphoedema which is for life!


I agree that the reason we don't get MRIs is because they are costly in comparison.

This is a very good properly referenced article on "Mammography Is Harmful & Should Be Abandoned, Review Concludes". greenmedinfo.com/blog/mammo...

I was due my first mammogram in August just gone following surgery and radiotherapy a year ago but I never made the appointment and I'm not going to. A mammogram did not detect my cancer, I did that myself as so many women do. The mammogram I had over a year ago couldn't even show the lump properly and I was packed off for an MRI anyway.

I regret getting the radiotherapy. Fortunately I was told chemotherapy was not recommended as I had an Oncotype test that was very low.

I think Victoria1000 has the best approach by changing diet etc. I also read Jane Plant's book the minute I found the lump. I didn't even wait for a diagnosis! Luckily I had already stated on a pretty healthy diet 6 months before in a bid to help my endometriosis and was off dairy already. I do have an occasional sneaky piece of cheese though!

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I just saw this interesting article too breastcancerconqueror.com/a...

The site is run by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers and it's really good.


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