Introduce Yourself!

Introduce Yourself!

Warm welcomes to The Haven.

We hope this will become a really supportive and friendly community for you- please make yourself at home!

The aim of this community is to make the struggle of dealing with breast cancer, either as a patient or a friend or family member, a little bit easier. Please share your experiences with us and get to know everyone else in return!

You could start by introducing yourself and telling us your story or jump in by asking questions and engaging with the community.

We can't wait to hear from you.

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  • In June 2010, I found what I thought was a lump in my right breast. I went to my GP who was happy that the lump was fatty tissue. Fortunately, I had already received an appointment for a routine screening mammogram which was 3 weeks hence (I went to the GP expecting to have something done sooner!).

    After the mammogram, I was contacted to go for further tests - I knew then what the outcome was going to be. I had a biopsy and asked if they could tell whether it was cancer and they said yes. In August, I had a lumpectomy and lymph-node clearance followed by 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 15 radiotherapy treatments which finished in March2011. I then developed Lymphoedema in my right arm for which I wear a compression sleeve and is not too debilitating.

    All was well after a scan and the cancer had all gone. I was given Letrozole tablets which I took for 2 1/2 years and then, after another scan was told that the cancer had returned. I was put on 2 different hormone tablets - Inverolimus and Exemestane. This seemed to be working perfectly until I developed inflammation in my lungs (a side effect of Inverolimus) after 6 months so had to stop taking Inverolimus. I carried on with the Exemestane but didn't really feel that it working very well on it's own.

    6 months later after another scan, the cancer was increasing again. The Exemestane was stopped. I am now on injections of hormones (Fulvestrant) every 4 weeks. I have been on this since January and it seems to be working very well with minimal side effects. Fingers crossed it carries on that way.

    We are all different and react differently with different treatments but there are so many out there now for us to try. We all need to think positively

  • Yes! Different treatments for different people but we all need positivity! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. Iwas 26 weeks pregnant at the time. I had lumpectomy and ancillary node clearance, cancer had spread to two lymph nodes at 28 weeks pregnant. At 30 weeks i went on to deliver my son by elective section, he had to be cared for in the special baby caere unit as he was unable to breathe unaided. Two weeks later I went on to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then five years of tamoxifen. My son and I are both here to share our experience, strength and hope. X

  • Hi there. so glad to hear it all worked positively for you after everything you went through. it must have been a very scary time, not least the cancer and lymph clearance.. but throw a premature baby in there, i cant imagine where your head must have been.. great that you are here 14 years on to share your positivity with us. xxx can i ask how was the tamoxifen? i have just finished 8 x CMF chemo last week and a diep flap mastectomy last , August, and am due to start tamoxifen next week after my update with oncologist. i'm very keen to hear what i might expect, knowing we are all different, but all i have been told so far is that people blame it, possibly incorrectly, for weight gain, and for joint pain and dry skin etc.. thank you and good luck in your ongoing journey. xxx

  • Hi Gracie, thank you for your kind words. Tamoxifen for me was ok I did have a lot of pain in my joints but nothing I couldn't cope with and i didn't have any periods during the time on it. After I finished it I did go on to have a hysterectomy and I think best thing I have ever done. It is a very traumatic time for people going through any diagnosis as it is the fear of the Unknown . I wish you well in your journey ahead and hope your experience will not be too bad for you x

  • Solo good to find you & belong. Thank you x

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