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Surgery date brought forward by two weeks

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Surgery date brought forward by two weeks. Mastectomy was booked for October 4, but I’ve just had a call from the surgeon offering me a week today.

I’ve accepted it but it’s left me quite shaky, no idea why. Perhaps because I thought I had three more weeks to prepare and I have less than a week.

But it’s got to be done. So pre-op assessment on Friday.

Any advice on what to wear to and from the hospital on the day of operation? I’m guessing just comfortable joggers and a really loose top?

6 Replies
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I found the mastectomy was a good deal less painful, on the day and the following days, than the biopsy.

Yes, wear joggers and loose top. You will be asked to put on support stockings which are very tight - to help stop blood clots. Remember your name and date of birth as you will be asked about fifteen times, and which side is to be taken off. In my case the surgeon briefly saw all his patients for that day at eight o'clock (one at a time) and drew a big arrow on the one that was to go!!!

Take a book to read.

I'm a Church of England girl and I found that repeating the words of Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd" very comforting, especially "I will fear no evil for you are with me".

I was in hospital for only about three hours after the op had finished and was home before 6 p.m.

All that was eight years ago this week, and I'm well and happy. I wish you all happiness too.

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Good call to say yes, but difficult and scary. I’m not good with hospital and went in during lock down only for a lumpectomy. The staff and surgeon were terrific and understanding they even let me walk to operating theatre as did want to be push in wheelchair or trolley. Agree with Happyrosie lot less painful than biopsy. I was back home by 7 pm didn’t go into hospital until 12 o’clock. My operation as May 2020.

It’s quite worrying on the tenth time of being ask your date of birth your mind goes blank (nerves). Will be thinking of you and sending calming hugs

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Hello and great news that your surgery has been brought forward! 😊

Best thing to wear is a button up shirt (get a couple in for the days after - H&M might have some reasonably priced) would be my top tip and yes, a loose pair of jeans or joggers or even a long skirt.

Also if you can get soft bras in that will help - the softer the better as they like you to wear asap to protect the skin. M&S had some silky type ones that are really soft. I also wore Lululemon bra called “like nothing” as it was exactly like it was described.

You’ll have a drain in for a few days so remember to not leave the hospital without a bag / pouch that you can sling round you when you walk and i used an old guitar stand to prop it up on at night so it didn’t get in the way.

You’ll be advised to keep your dvt socks on for a few days so be prepared!

You likely will sleep sitting up for a few days so lots of pillows and a friend brought me one of those travel neck pillows which was great but you will find a way regardless.

Keep on top of your pain relief that’s my final tip - but any more questions just ask and good luck! X

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i understand, that happened to me as well. Its not a bad thing, but you had a timeline in your head, so the change can leave you a little anxious. For the hospital they recommend a front open shirt or robe to go home in so you dont have to lift your arms over your head. It was recommended to me to wear front open shirts until the drains are out. For me buttons were better than zippers. I hung out more in camisoles than anything. I was able to get things over my head without pain or problem, we planned to have me step into my clothes if i couldn't lift my arms. Best wishes and hope this helped. For pants i just wore joggers. Easy on and off.

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Well it’s been three years. As soon as I was told the result was positive I made the decision to have a mastectomy. The date for surgery was given then. On the day ,2nd on list,moved to first. Lots of questions. Visited by Breast Consultant. Breast marked up. Consultant Anaesthetic . Various nurses. Op gown put on. Yes book good idea. Husband was allowed to stay. Back by late morning. No pain. Dressing across wound. Once you had a pee , tea and sandwich you were able to go home. About three hours. They encouraged us to start doing the post-op exercises as from the next day. As an ex- nurse and looked after mastectomies, I didn’t think I would go home same day. But was fit enough and happy to go. Wound healed up well and on the Tamoxfen. Able to raise arm and enjoy swimming. Hope all goes well.

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morning restlesslegme , im so sorry to hear you have reacurence . i too hand breast cancer 8years ago coming in 9 years. i had estrogen positive. dident go in my lynth nodes so i was luckey had my dog to thamk for that as he found my cancer . i had to have a mercetomy on my right breast and last had a reconstrution on the left. itryed the breast care tablets but i had very bad side effects and they effected my heart beat so between me and the surgen had a talk and i decided not to take it just go down the natral route read up as much as i could and i got a good diet going and lemon juice in my water drink plenty of water no red meat fish chicken turkey salads veg fruits herbs seeds green tea . there all so good foryou .think possitive .it plays in a big part of healing i know iv been there . i just bought post surgery bras when i got home but i felt ok after surgery . and doing very well .id like to say i just wore a tunic top and lsoft legging sto come out in . ill be thinking of you . ps. let me know how you go on . all the best x

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