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Sertraline and Ibrance

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Dear women

1. Do any of you have experience with Sertraline and Ibrance treatment?

Does Sertraline Reduce Neutrophils?

2. Do you recommend another SSRI in combination with Ibrance?

thank you

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Hi. If you've been put on Ibrance do you have Stage 4/metastatic BC? If so you might find this group useful - there's a lot of us on Ibrance there.

I've not come across Sertraline. I'm currently on letrozole with the Ibrance although I hope my oncologist will change me to something else this month because the letrozole is not suiting me.

Regarding your question on neutrophils- the Ibrance reduces them but you should bounce back during the week off

Thank you wendle3007. Sertraline has been good for me. I have been using it before.The main thing is to avoid continuation of stress .


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