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Breast pain

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Hi, can anyone help please? I was diagnosed with stage 1a ovarian cancer 4 years ago. This was successfully removed with surgery and I didn't need chemo. I have been clear since then.

I had granulation in my right breast the year after but was told that everything was OK, and my last two mammograms were clear. However, my right breast is painful and has been for a month. I have just started playing badminton, and have also been painting the hall (I'm right handed). The discomfort goes across the front of my breast and down my arm, which makes me think this is muscular pain, but it is uncomfortable when I lie down. I can't feel a lump or anything. Can anyone offer advice? I don't want to waste my gp's time. Many thanks.

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Humbug I think you are saying that you might possibly have breast cancer. So, this has got to be checked.May I give you a brief history? I had a pain in left breast. Doc gave antibiotics as it was clearly an infection but as afterthought said “I will get an appointment with breast clinic for you”. Thank goodness he did. There was a deep seated cancer in the OTHER breast which was satsuma-sized but not palpable.

So, get it checked put, please.

Get it checked. You very often find out the focus should be instead it’s the GP not to miss the tell tale clue. In my case my breast cancer should have been diagnosed two years earlier had the GP referred me for further test after telling me she felt nothing wrong.

Please have it checked out. It may be nothing but a month seems a long time for muscular pain without it lessening. You are not wasting your gp's time. Good luck.

Hi, sorry to hear about your health. I think undergoing breast implantation would be the right choice for you. It was last year my mother was diagnosed with granulation on her breast as a result she wasn't able to undertake any physical task for more than half-hour. Though we consulted many doctors, none of the treatments seemed to be fruitful. It was then we decided to undergo breast implantation surgery < Needless to say, it was the best decision. Breast implantation both saline or non-silicone helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. The whole procedure required a rest only for 4-6 weeks, after which she was healthy as before. She was extremely satisfied with the whole procedure. Hence, in my opinion, approaching a breast augmentation surgeon would be best for you! Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery!

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