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Extreme tiredness day three post chemotherapy

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Hi there all. Anybody else experiencing extreme tiredness on day three post chemo.

Whatever I do: sitting, lying or standing makes no difference… have you got similare experiences ( is this normal, does it get better?.) Yes, this is my first chemo lot, three more to come….thanks all.

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Hello Kaaswinkel. Yes day three is the worst, days four five six equally bad, then towards the afternoon of day seven suddenly the cloud lifts. Then you’ll find, I hope, that the next days until the next cycle you’ll be feeling nearly normal. Then days three to six on the next cycle are difficult. BUT by the second cycle you know what to expect so it’s really not so bad as the first time. Keep strong. Look after yourself and be kind to yourself.

Thanks happyrosie! Thanks for advise!!! Always good to know what s happening and others had the same! Never done so much laying around..😊

My extreme tiredness lifted gradually at day six and has been settling since….as you say for the next couple of rounds i will know that “ this too will really pass”…

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