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High grade dcis advice

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Recently diagnosed with high grade DCIS in right breast. Yet to receive results rom second biopsy so don't know how widespread it is. Is there anything you wishyou'd known when deciding on lumpectomy v's mastectomy?

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I had a lumpectomy (small DCIS) in 2016 and was refused a mastectomy despite requesting it.

My cancer came back again in 2019 and I was straight to mastectomy. In my personal experience I would go for a mastectomy every time. I’m lucky it didn’t spread to my lymph but it came back as widespread DCIS plus two other more aggressive kinds. If breast cancer comes back there is a 50% chance it is a different more aggressive type (according to my surgeon). Good luck and I wish you well!

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Thank you for responding. Do you mind if I ask whether you can reconstructive surgery or not and how the outcome was? Many thanks x

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Yes I had reconstructive surgery to my other boob Jan 2020 (mast was Sept 2019). I am pleased with it but it isn’t the same as the boob that was there before. Still v happy with both outcomes.

I can only wear soft cup bras due to the scarring so do expect that if you go for mast / reconstruction.

My DCIS was medium and low grade both times.

It’s a tough one as you could have a lumpectomy and be ok. I just wanted the boob to go - that was my gut reaction the first time round and I wish the doc had listened to me … but first time around the DCIS was the size of pea and they thought they had got it all.

Best advice? Go with your gut reaction!

I would go for mastectomy. In my experience you will have follow up mammograms but your never truly worry free. X