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My mother is dealing with BC and now I found dimples on my breasts - Scared

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​Hi guys,

I just wanted to get some input from you guys regarding my situation.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some dimpling in my breasts. It is more pronounced on my right breast, especially when I have my arms above my head, or when I press my arms against my hips. The dimple is on the outer side, a little higher than where the bra underwire would go. I am also seeing some dimpling in around the same area on my left breast.

I went to my gyno and she felt around...she said she couldn't feel any lumps but she gave me a referral for a mammogram. I went and had it done, and now I'm going crazy waiting for the results. What doesn't help is that I have read online about situations in which the cancer was not seen on a mammogram, and the person dismissed their dimpling as nothing, when in fact, they did have cancer.

My mother is currently dealing with breast cancer, she was diagnosed at 55 years old, and it was already pretty advanced. It has been devastating, and it just hate the fact that she's dealing with all of this.

I'm only 35, but of course I knew that I had to start being more aware and practice my self-exams just in case. Then I ended up getting COVID back in March of 2020 and it was pretty bad. It affected every inch of my body, and honestly I still don't feel normal. I have been going to doctors appointments on the regular now, for all kinds of different things. My mental health has been affected and my health anxiety is through the roof now. This whole thing has me so anxious that I literally cannot function.

I'm not sure if this matters but I have lost a significant amount of weight since last year...more than 70 pounds. Half of it while I was really sick with COVID and half of it while dieting afterwards. I don't know if weight changes would cause this though...I don't think I had this dimpling before.

Has anyone here dealt with anything like this? I'm feeling so alone right now, and I don't want to burden my mother even more...I have nobody to talk to about this.

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Please Amarilys speak to one of the cancer charities like Macmillan. They’re there to help.

Hi Amarilys, wait for monogram for next step taken. Understandable of the anxiety. Any thoughts before the result are just thoughts, wait for the evidence

Even if the mammo is negative, if your doctor doesn't suggest an ultrasound, ask for one. Good luck!

I had Brest cancer in 2001. My daughter got me Professor Jane Plants book. Your Life in your hand.So I found about dairy. So I have a plant based diet with no dairy and I am healthy

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