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Reassurance!!! Am I doing the right thing


Hi everyone, I’m 12 months into collapsing at work with a Brain aneurysm, besides having headaches no signs of anything wrong, this was absolutely terrifying, anyway I’m still here to tell the tale, after having the aneurysm coiled and hospitalised for 10 days, it’s been a slow recovery and still suffer with fatigue, awful grinding noises in my head and ears, but I’m not a negative nancy I push on,

So here’s where I’m after a bit of (yes girl u doing the right thing) Im 50 in January and have always said I wouldn’t want to be working in Topshop/ Topman retail when I’m that age anyway so here goes 🥴.

Ive just given my notice in after 11-5 years I’m constantly sick at work we think it’s the lights, noise etc conflicting with my head,this means I get a Christmas with no retail work, which is fantastic as last year I was too poorly to appreciate being off work,

My husband is taking me to NY 5-10 Dec now part of my birthday which is amazing I’m so excited,& wouldn’t be able to go over Christmas if I wasn’t leaving, but I keep getting a niggly little thought am I doing the right thing leaving my job, I was full time supervisor running the cash office, but now only 16 hours on the shop floor, I know deep down I am as the environment isn’t helping my recovery, my plan is to have Christmas off and maybe look for something else March time, have a bit of time for me, financially we are able to let me do this so why do I keep thinking am I doing the right thing !!!!!

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Of course you are! Go for it, especially since you can afford it. Good luck.

Its normal to question a big decision which will change your life.

Only you/your gut knows whether its the right decision for you.

The way i choose to live my life now (unruptured aneurysm) is to do the things i enjoy doing.

Hope that helps x

You are doing the right! Life is short. Enjoy it.

You have a great holiday in NY, and yes you have done the right thing by leaving your job. Life to short so make the most of it and have fun. I wish I was 50 again I would do things different. Retail at Xmas is terrible, I worked in M&S for 7yrs and was glad to see back of it. You never get appreciated and it is so hard. Good luck on your hols and enjoy life.x

You have already been given a second chance...make that time for you. Go for will have no regrets!

You are doing the right thing! Where you are now isn't good for your health and wellbeing. Take your time and find something else that you would enjoy. X

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