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Failed Coiling/Web

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I went to theatre yesterday for a Web or balloon coiling for a small 3mm anni. I have two, one is 6mm and has been monitored for 20 years with no change. The one they wanted to operate on was found in 2017, but had been slowly changing since 2010 when looking back at scans. I am allergic to aspirin and other nsaids, so the WEB device was favoured as no on going blood thinners are needed.

Cut to op- the WEB device was inserted and had to be removed after half an hour as clots had formed and the dr was concerned about stroke.

I am in hospital feeling very sorry for myself as I have been through the procedure but still not mended.

I'm now waiting to be discussed again at MDT so see what is next as the smaller anni still needs a fix.

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Sorry to hear your operation was not successful. It is hard to be positive now but at least you didn’t end up swapping the risk of the aneurysm rupturing for the risk of a stroke from the clots and hopefully your doctors will be able to figure out another solution for you!

Stay in touch and let us know how things progress, and in the meantime take care of yourself as you still went through a procedure and need to heal.



Thank you. Might just be feeling a bit sorry for myself, still in hospital, feeling dizzy and generally 'Not right'.

Will certainly keep posting as the support and advice I've read on other posts is great.


Sorry to hear and hope they can do something to help. I am on the waiting list for a 6.8mm I am also allergic to aspirin. Please let me know how you get on. Good luck


I know how it feels. I had the anaesthetic and then they decided to abandon the operation as the risk to my sight was too great.

I took me a while to adjust but the bottom line is... I have my sight!

They're monitoring it now. Its 6mm and stable.

Hopefully the team will come up with another solution. If not, maybe try a second opinion elsewhere?


I understand how you're feeling. I went in for coiling last year. Had the anaesthetic but the op was abandoned as there was too much risk to my eyesight. Back to monitoring. It's 6mn

I hope they find a solution.

Keep us updated



It was the larger Annie that they attempted to fix. I had been misled, it seems a Dr confused left and right when explaining my diagnosis and treatment!

Anyway, the larger Annie was 'cone' shaped and would have needed stenting in addition to the WEB, which could not even be considered due to aspirin allergy.

The next step is clipping.

I have decided to put it back for a year whilst I spend a little time looking after myself. I guess I have lived with this for 20 years, what would another year matter!

Any thoughts? X


Thanks for the update. Let this particular sleeping dog lie! As long as you can get your head round it, I see nothing wrong with enjoying your life and forgetting about hospital operations and appointments. Good luck!


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