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Should I work? Thunderclap headache, no bleeding


I developed a crazy headache at work on Oct 3rd and was driven home with what I thought was a migraine. The next day, I went by ambulance to hospital where they treated me for migraine. Went home, back again in two days with another distressing headache (normal blood pressure shot up to 210/?). They gave be a CT scan. Nothing found.

The pain was still bad so family doctor sent me back to hospital where they gave me a CT scan (with dye) and a spinal tap. Diagnosis; 2 left side “small” aneurysms, not bleeding. They told me I’d be booked for an MRI for a better look. Instead I just found out I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Halloween.

If I do absolutely nothing I can manage the symptoms but any sadness, laughter, housework - anything brings the headache and eye pain back.

My question is, should I work? Am I risking my life? I have a simple clerical job but everything is exhausting right now.

To make matters worse, another lady at work, who ignored a major change in her eyesight, lost the sight in both eyes while I was being treated at hospital.

I feel like I have been misdiagnosed, and that perhaps some bleeding did occur.

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Hi there , sorry to hear your not feeling so good , I hope your doing better now ,?

If you don't mind me asking you what treatment did you have and who told you you cannot do anything ( or is it that your scared of doing anything ?


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