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My aneurysms

I was diagnosed with one aneurysm in 2009 had it coiled 2010 after my third mri scan 3 yrs later was told my coiled one was stable and my second one hadn’t changed . After picking myself up of the floor as I hadn’t been told I had two ,I rang my consultants secretary up and asked for app . Where I found out I did have two, anyway I saw my consultant last week and he’s consulting his team about me having second one coiled so am now waiting.

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All sorts of reasons why this may have happened -it may not have been there at all on previous scans, or too small to see, or a different radiographer may have missed it. Worth finding out which though as if it is a new development you might want your team to review their planned surveillance to be more frequent.

Mine got missed...it was there on old scans but it took a review by a new hospital 5 years later to spot it.


Hi, my consultant doesn’t know why i wasn’t told . He’s going to look into it lol. The second one is 6mm first one 10mm, just waiting to hear now if it’s to be coiled.


Letter came today they are going to coil my second one. Wait now to find out when.


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