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Pain in eye more severe

Yesterday I pulled my 5 year old grandson on a sledge to the shop. On the way back I carried 2 heavy nags of shopping.

When I got home I had pain first in one eye then the other. It was more severe than Ive had it before and lasted longer. I usually get it just in the back of my left eye.

Does anyone know if this is something to be concerned about?

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Hi andersl

It could be something, it is most likely to be *something else* or to be nothing.

Having said that, if you are concerned best thing to do is get it checked. I suffer with migraine and occiptal neuralgia so have always been rather baffled as to how I might distinguish a rupture from either of those severe head and eye pains, but I think it is the 'thunderclap' notion that is probably the distinguishing feature, plus other neurological signs.

Unfortunately I also have a diagnosis of FND as well so my brain and legs can stop communicating suddenly, leaving me staggering around like a drunkard....but again I am used to that happening out of the blue so don't tend to worry about that either.

The last time the two coincided, about a year ago (I had been struggling with headache for a few days, was on my way to the corner shop and the legs went) I went to A and E. They CAT scanned me - within an hour - and confirmed all was ok. I thought it probably was, that it was just a flaring up of both conditions simultaneously, but the need to check and get peace of mind was strong that time. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Do what your head and heart tell you are best.


Thank you. Really nice to get your response. Yes I will get it checked for reassurance.


Since I had my coil fitted into anrysm I have pain in my eye a lot. Had cat scan. Coil was fine. I also suffer all sorts of pain since it’s been done. ... 12th of feb 2018.


Im really sorry your op didn' t have the outcome you wanted.

I will ask the consultant how likely it is I will have the problems you'e having.

I intend to take the risk of coiling as Id rather have planned treatment in a top specialist hospital than risk a rupture and be taken to the nearest general hospital. Also I don't want to risk a rupture and suffer brain damage.

I've tried 'watch and wait' but every time I look after my grandchildren I worry what would happen to them if they were with me when i had a rupture.

Take care x



I have been reading your posts because I also have pain in and above eyes. Seen neurosurgeon today for first time and was informed that my case would probably be watch and wait, but I don't know what that means. My aneurysm is classed as small, with very little chance of rupture, but I am terrified, probably because of the head pain I have, although they say this isn't due to the aneurysm. To have a MRI to ascertain the cause of these symptoms. I see that you were previously "watch and wait" and may now be having treatment. Can I ask why the medics view has changed?


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