Appointment with Neurologist

So I had my appointment last night with the neurologist who confirmed the aneurysm size location etc after my scans on Sunday- behind my right eye level with my temple - he said it is low risk ....... but in my eyes still a risk of rupture regardless of size and location - he believes I can have it coiled and it should ...... be a simple procedure ???

I am now seeing a surgeon at QMC in Nottingham on Monday to hope he agrees and I can get an op date ?

I've never had an op apart from c section so not sure what wait is like as if it's a long NHS wait might have to look at other options

What would everyone else do ?

In my eyes any risk of it rupturing is a risk and I don't want to live on the edge ?

Laura x

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  • Hi laura

    I'm choosing to go for surgery. .. coils and a stent. 5 per cent risk I've been told. So if there's a 1 per cent risk of it rupturing (which could cause death or a stroke) I'm prepared to increase the risk by 4 per cent through surgery in the short term to remove the risk post surgery (if all goes well ) .

    These decisions are an individual thing. No one can/should advise you what to do.

    I may be taking an unnecessary risk but whatever the outcome I will remove the uncertainty.

  • Thanks that is my opinion the risk of rupture could end in fatality so the risk of surgery complications don't quite seem as bad ?

  • Sorry should have added how long have they told you you'll have to wait for operation ?

  • 6 weeks

  • 6 weeks I can live with I was thinking it'd be more like 6 months ! X

  • I guess it will depend on availability. Each area is different. To be honest I wouldn't have cared if they said six months. .. when I was told surgery was on the cards I immediately felt different. ... like I was no longer at risk of rupture!

  • Hi I went to see the neuro surgeon yesterday who is now sending my details to neuroradiologist to review coiling - is this what happened to you ? X

  • I saw a neurologist at local hospital who referred me to neuro radiologist. I'm still waiting for date of op so maybe it will be longer than the six weeks he originally mentioned. Let me know how you get on when you see the neuro radiologist x

  • Did it take a long time to get an appointment with radiologist ? x

  • It was about 3 or 4 weeks x

  • It's the waiting isn't it drives you mad - how big is your aneurysm? X

  • 6mm

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