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Daily headaches

I have had a this headache in the back of my head from 10 july when i was playing football and suddenly while pushing my self forward i felt pain the back of the head .. i thought of this as a tension which will go after a day by itself .. but the next morning when i woke up i still felt some pressure in my head .. so i went to my gp which gave some ibuprofen and told me it will go by itself soon ... but it went on continuing for weeks then one day my pain was so severe that i could not bear it ... and thus i went to hospital and thus they took an xray of my head .. but it came normal ... and gave me medicines about headaches and antidepressants .. then after 2 days of severe headache it was somewhat relieved to 4/10 from 9/10 intensity of pain .... after then i had moderate to mild amount of pain everyday .. for about a month.. then i got rid of it a one of my doctor at the hospital told me to go for a cat scan ..and thus they told that it is normal ..i am really depressed about this of having daily headaches .. i cant really do anything .. i only get some of the days where i can do something rest i am on my bed wondering what has happened to me ... can any one please tell me what is the cause of my daily bad headache .. which is mostly on the left side of my head .. totally shattered and wrecked please help me out ...

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I have same problem as you .i have 2 anurisms 1 coiled and 1 small untreated. I have mri scans of brain to check on small anurusm .nothing ever comes up about my headaches .have you asked to refered to a headache nurse yes they do exists in hospitals .ive seen mine once waiting next appoinment if this helps you. I do hope so


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