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Headache .Worried if it is serious ?😖

I have been suffering from headache in the back of my head from 1.5 months which is 24/7 .... the pain is mild to moderate and thus sometimes becomes severe for some couple of days ...i am totally confused . I have no nasuea no vommiting and nor any other issue ... just this heachache at the back of my head that feels like pulsing ,pounding in my head .and sometimes i feel it the different location of my head but most probably it is on my left back side of my head ... i went to many doctors and yet they think its migraine ..i just want to get rid of this pain ..i has been constant from more than a month now .. can any one help me please....i have taken every pain reliever anti depressants but nothing working the pressure is still in there ....😟😟 Even now i did a ct scan that came clear .... can any one tell why is there pain everytime in my head

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I had the same. Finally it went but still comes back. Sometimes for a day, sometimes a few hours. I haven't had a chance to raise it with a specialist neuro radiologist yet but I have spent 2 days in hospital when my gp thought it was leaking! If I get an answer i"ll let you know


Alright thank you ... i hope you get rid of it soon .... :)


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