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My 15 yr old son had a spontaneous brain haemorrhage earlier this year and is recovering well, still a bit of double vision and quite a bit of fatigue but it's his speech that's the worry. He was coming along really well but the last week or so it has gone really bad, very hard to understand and when you ask him to repeat he gets really angry. Has anyone else had this where progress seems to have stopped?


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  • Hi so sorry to what has happened to your son so young as well. Hopefully someone on this site will be able to share their experiences with you that maybe of help to you and your family. Are you due to see consultant soon? If not maybe GP could help. Hope you find your answers and get good advice very soon x

  • Thank you, we are with the local ABI team who have been great. We just wondered how long it might take? Suppose it's how long is a piece of string really... He has made fantastic progress but his speech is his worry.

    Thank you tho for replying :)

  • Hi Does your son like music ? People with speech difficulties find it much easier to sing plus music lifts you emotionally too.

    It's still very early days and it takes ages for your brain to build new permanent neuro pathways.

    Good luck xx

  • hi im sorry to hear about your son although im alot older [late 50s early 60s] i have had 4 opps on the brain plus 2 strokes durring the early years i lost my memory ihad dificulty walking my speach was affected and to top it up i caught cancer and lost a lung but know i can do almost anythink you must have hope i found it easier to write down what i wanted to say plus kept a diary and practice saying the words as i wrote them i hope your son is getting better and remember when he gets angry its not you hes angry with its himself i send you and your family a blessing of love

  • Thank you for your reply, I am so sorry to hear about your experience! You sound like a very strong person to have come thru all that you Have!.. I know he is coming thru this and to be fair he is relatively unscathed compared to how bad it could have been. His esteem is very low, his voice is just quite slurred and he isn't very confident talking to others. I know he will improve but it's heartbreaking to see him perceived differently, purely by his voice. I was talking to a lady and she was doing the 'pity stare'. He is very much the boy he was, just with a different voice. Sorry for the ramble Lol


  • you ramble as mutch as you want or need to im happy to hear hes doing well i know its not easy for you or your son but dont worry he will get more confident as time goes by and its sometimes good to look at others and thank your lucky stars its not worse than it is keep me up to date with his progress and dont worry about the small minded people who judge him he sounds like a lucky boy to have a loving parent bless you lol

  • Thank you!

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