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Hi I'm new on this bit

Hi just joined this we're do I start my experience was at 14 I started having blackouts and headaches after, I went on many trips to the doctors as they got more regular to a stage I was having 4 per week but each time I went the doc said it was stress!!

But it was a blood clot in my brain the size of a egg pushing my brain till one day it exploded. I collapsed in my house woke up few days later in intensive care wires and tubes in and out of me the burst blood clot cause a massive aneurism, the doc said I should have died before I hit the floor and was only given 5% of surviving it but pulled through, it was a uphill struggle as I had forgot how to walk who my sisters were ect so spent many trips each week to rehabilitation, I'm now 34 with perminant damage to my left arm and weak leg but been so lucky and greatful been able to live a normal enough live apart from anxiaty,stress each day I'm greatful I'm still here X

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Welcome nath4782. I only joined this forum last november i think and have gleaned more info on my annie than i have from the drs so far. Im just so thankful for the information and experiences that people have shared here.

Have the drs said what they are doing with your BA?


What's BA? To be truthful it was 20yr ago I had mine So I had by head opened up in theatre and vain removed was in theatre 9hr and had to have full blood transfusion to be honest once I was walking and memory bk and my head had healed I was discharged at 17yr old and no help or mention about it since from them Iv got used to having disability in my arm and been on medication ever since, no help at all, Iv had anxiety and panic attacks since it but no help there either lol I used to hate my doctor so much blaming him, the if he took more notice of me I could have had a scan and found it could have prevented it happening 😥


alright mate your last blog was quiteawhile ago let us know how your doing


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