Clipping Versus Coiling - Brain Aneurysm

Good Morning Everybody,

I'm seeking information with regards to coiling versus clipping?? My Consultant is as confident with both procedures as each other so no help there?? The coiling is less invasive I'm fully aware of that & one kind reader on this site said her husband had coils procedure done then after a year had the clipping procedure done. It has been really successful but I would be really keen to hear from other members regarding coiling & roughly WHERE in the brain the aneurysm was that was coiled. Mine is as deep as my ears & quite central between forehead & crown so not the best place I wouldn't have thought to have one! Please anyone who has any information at all with regards to coiling or clipping & where the site for which took place I would be truly grateful to hear from you.



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  • Hi Lynda i think i will be going for the clipping if they deem it suitable for me. I will find out on friday. I know we have spoken before and for me i think its because its less invasive plus i feel reassurred that you are scanned once a year so can detect if another one springs up. Hope you do whats right for you xx

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