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Good Morning Everybody,

I'm seeking information with regards to coiling versus clipping?? My Consultant is as confident with both procedures as each other so no help there?? The coiling is less invasive I'm fully aware of that & one kind reader on this site said her husband had coils procedure done then after a year had the clipping procedure done. It has been really successful but I would be really keen to hear from other members regarding coiling & roughly WHERE in the brain the aneurysm was that was coiled. Mine is as deep as my ears & quite central between forehead & crown so not the best place I wouldn't have thought to have one! Please anyone who has any information at all with regards to coiling or clipping & where the site for which took place I would be truly grateful to hear from you.



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  • Hi Lynda i think i will be going for the clipping if they deem it suitable for me. I will find out on friday. I know we have spoken before and for me i think its because its less invasive plus i feel reassurred that you are scanned once a year so can detect if another one springs up. Hope you do whats right for you xx

  • Hi Bonnieblyth,

    How have you been getting on?? I've been wondering if you are OK and how your appointment went??

  • Hi lynda

    Sorry for the delay in responding had so much going on and a bereavement too.

    They want a closer look with a camera as the two consultants cant agree on which op. Its wide necked and weirdly lobulated so he is thinking clipping would be better but wants to look closer first. They want to admit me to the ward rather than going on the day case list as he thinks this will be quicker. Hope you are ok. Have you made a decision xx

  • Hi Bonnie,

    My Consultant has just taken a fortnights annual leave to my appointment got cancelled for two weeks until 14th June. I really want to see what has been happening with my aneurysm in the last six moths as there has been no monitoring at all. If it's grown even bigger and dependent on which part either the original one or the sister one that has attached itself then I think the decision would be maybe different with all the evidence at hand. My Consultant said he is more than happy to carry out either and has been as successful with BOTH procedures but should the evidence have changed at all then maybe the decision would be different as well. I did contact my PALS to maybe help with getting the Brain Scan carried out as my family think that six months is too long to just leave this situation without any follow up at all and that should the situation be exactly the same then maybe they could settle a little bit more that they are now. I'm been constantly baby sat by one or the other of them honestly!! I think they think if I'm left alone one of them is going to arrive home to a chalk outline mark like you see on the telly ha ha. I know they are worried but it's really driving me MAD!!! I fiercely defend my independence and between one of them been with me all the time and the phone constantly ringing with - Are you OK? will send me round the bend if something doesn't give soon!!

    It's good to hear that you are getting some action though. The waiting is really bad all round for everybody don't you think?? It affects everyone around you as much as it affects you. I think this has affected my husband a lot worse than myself and this changed person I now find myself living with is funny to say the least ha ha. I didn't marry him for his been the greatest romantic I married him for his complete honesty and actually says what he means and never promises what he can't fulfil. Now I find this husband of over forty years been the most caring of people when he has to leave me it's a total stranger. It's as if every time he's going through the door he's scared his words will be his last ha ha. I just don't think people should have to live like this any longer than is absolutely necessary and like I say I really believe the people around you are under massive strain all the time.

  • Hi, I had my coiling mine between my eyes. My doctor gave me the option of which surgery so I went with the less evasive surgery. It's been four months surgery was very pleasant. I faced a lot of fatigue after but other than that everything was great no pain at all. I ask my doc which surgery is better clipping vs coiling he said years ago people believed clipping but now studies show coiling just as effective sometimes they do have to add an extra coil but the surgery is much easier than clipping.

  • Hi, thank you so much for your reply I truly appreciate it. Have you suffered with headaches at all?? How is the fatigue now?? When walking have you tired really quickly and had to stop & rest much?? My surgery will be in July so I'm just trying to find out as much as I can. I know my family would much prefer me to have the coils for the exact reason you mention it been much less invasive. They think it has the added bonus of been checked afterwards more closely & they think that's a bonus for if anything further occurs at a later date as it seems there are an awful lot of people walking around with aneurysms & have no idea at all. How are you feeling now?? Have you found any other problems at all??


  • Hey, Lyn keeping you in my prayers, I have always suffered from migraines my aneurysm bleed in 2011 SAH but no surgery was done with no real followup so my aneurysm reform then was found on MRI 2016. My fatigue started when I had the SAH but got worst after my coiling my headaches were worst for a period time but got back to normal. A lot of my problems are from my SAH but I read a lot of people do suffer from fatigue. I think the best advice is to listen to your body if your tired don't try and do to much. Don't beat yourself up let your body rest. I still have fatigue issues but its about finding a balance. I wish you the best. God Bless You!!

  • Hi, I wonder if you could help me with some information please? You mention that your coiling has gone really well and I'm due for my surgery on the 18th July. My Consultant is happy to do either way clipping or coiling and I can see why the coiling looks the best option of the two as you say much less invasive. I have been told I would have to attend hospital every 12 weeks for life and take quite a large dose of Aspirin every day with the coiling?? Are you having to do this?? I'm lucky I have a consultant who is really GOOD and is moving away from East Yorkshire to London very shortly and I know he would do a really good job no matter which way I decide to go but if I need more treatment down the line I don't think I could have the same trust in another surgeon like I have in him as he only does Aneurysm Surgery and doesn't cover other aspects of the brain like all the other Neuro Consultants in our nearest hospital. I'm getting a little indecisive about it now it's getting a lot nearer but my consultant says I can have a change of mind right up to the surgery been performed so the more information I can gather then the more informed a decision I feel I can make. Can you give me any other information at all about the after treatment you have to do for the coiling?

    Kindest Regards


  • Thank you for your reply it makes a big difference knowing what to expect rather than thinking your not doing well enough. I know I had many many months after my SAH where I thought I wasn't doing very well and the goal posts seemed to be getting moved every time I went to see the Consultant but in the bigger picture I was really doing exceptional. The hurdles seemed to just get higher and higher but at least I got there in the end. Thank you again and good luck to you too.


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