I had my sah last December which was treated with coiling and a flow diverting stent. I surrendered my driving licence in March as DVLA told me not to drive for 6 months. I have reapplied and am struggling with providing medical info. They have written to the consulant who oversaw my initial treatment in Dec 2015 and who I haven't clapped eyes on since. I've told them about another consultant I saw early Seot but that was onky for a general "how are you getting on" type informal chat although she did say I was discharged (nothing in writing though). Throughout my time in hospital and the brain injury rehab unit I hardly ever saw a consultant.

I have asked DVLA if they would accept a statement of suitability from my GP and am waiting on their reply. The frustrating thing is that my recovery has been excellent. How have others here dealt with the driving licence situation? Is the GP the best route?

Thanks folks.

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  • I am just about to go through this process for my dad. He had coiling and a drain to relieve the pressure that was removed not long after coiling. please keep us updated

  • DVLA have at last contacted my GP. ......after I suggested it might be a good idea! I spoke with the doc and she said she could see no reason not to respond positively. DVLA have now written to say they are in receipt of medical reports which they are considering. Watch this space!

  • i am about to inform dvla of my aneurysm so will be following your post, please let us know how you get on :)

  • I was asked not to drive by the consultant. They suggested I hand up my license. I didn't but neither did I drive. A different consultant told me he did not think I had epilepsy so I could go back driving which I did as soon as I reached home

  • Hi, I had a SAH in 2002 & I had to surrender my licence on discharge from hospital. My problem was on admission into hospital they couldn't stop the bleed & used everything available with no success. They got to last ditch saloon & got to the last available option which they asked my husbands permission to use which was a drug given by needle which they knew prior would cause me to have a seizure. I had the seizure as expected which stopped the bleed & saved my life BUT as I'd had the seizure this was the reason I had to surrender my licence. If they didn't use the drug they would have had to go into the brain. I was told six months loss of licence like yourself but it took me year to get it back & it did arrive back a year to the day. I know our situations vary but I was told for any brain trauma it was a year but the hospital did tell me like yourself six months.

    Swansea have Guidlines so maybe if you ask them they may be able to help guide you in exactly what you need to get your licence back & start from there. Good Luck it's awful been without it I know it was one of the hardest things to endure especially through no fault of your own. I felt like I'd already suffered enough without this on top. I live in a tiny village & would have never chosen to live here without a driving licence so I really do sympathise

  • Finally got my licence back. Only took 'em 10 months!

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