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Ruptured aneurysm /stroke/aphasia

Hi I'm 47 year before very active,I had sac ruptured aneurysm in April, my bleed was 3.5cm , it repaired in hospital coiled but 4 days after clot was operating in open brain operation. I've had Stroke and aphasia and loss the field partially blind on both eyes, and the right of my body's very weak and very tired all the time, I started to slow learn to speak and the language. I'm still concerned un ruptured aneurysm the opposite side it's like time bomb and doctors want to me to well before operating, and soon Mri scan to discuss. I on my own single mum and my youngest 14 (she's my caring) I can't tell my thought to upset her . Lonely yep ! Any similar Stories or advice ?

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Hello Heidimaria.

My situation is very different to yours but I'd happily be your friend and I'm up for a chat anytime. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice but I have a listening ear, broad shoulders and a massive heart. If it would help you to talk to me about your thoughts and feelings please feel free to get in touch.

Desiree xxx

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Thankyou for the kind words. im usually positives ! but sometimes had a bad day feeling sorry for me , oooops thanks a again x

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