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Hi there, I know this isn't entirely related. But I have severe health anxiety, and for some reason every day I live in fear I am going to have a brain haemorrhage. Im sorry to all of you that have unfortunately suffered one. And I wish you all the best in life. And I hope I don't cause any offence asking this question.. But basically what are the lead up symptoms if any? I had a brain scan 3 years ago and all was clear and they also checked to make sure I never had the condition that you are born with which means you're more likely to develop an aneurysm. I've been at the doctors about 4 times this week. Each time I have had just general blood tests, checked behind my eyes etc. Checked my strength. All because I have this fear and they said all is well. But I'm still very very fearful that I'm going to have a bleed. Any advice would be so so grateful

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Hi Ashleyxo.

Yes I had my brain haemorrhage in 1998 at the age off 32. Since then after working 14yrs + from 2000.

I had to retire due too I'll health which I should have earlyer to be honest.

I ended up pushing my body 100% + every day, something had to give in.

I really really loved my job but it became impossible to continue.

Anyway that's enough from me !!!!

Can you please let me know why you think you are going to have a Brain Heamorrage everyday ???

Sorry for that question I'm just intreaged !!!

By the looks off things following your full "MOT" you would be the last person too have one !!!!

If you are not careful all off the stress & daily worry will do you more harm.

Please please talk to me if that will help.

If you can please don't worry daily like you are.

Please contact me & I will do my up most to help.



Thankyou for taking the time to reply! I'm sorry you had to give up work. I honestly have no idea why I worry about it.. I have had health anxiety for years and it's so draining. I think one time I searched symptoms and it came up about a brain haemorrhage and ever since I've been obsessed with it and scared I'll have one. And then I had a bad migraine that felt like someone hit me in the head and the doctors said they were worried it was a bleed on the brain so that got me even more panicky. Thankfully it wasn't. But it's put so much fear through me. I'd love to stop worrying. I'm probably already doomed with how much worrying I've done. I just wish I could feel happy again


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