Flying after coiling & stent

Hi all, I am planning a coiling with stent on my unruptured 4mm annie shortly (no date yet but should be within the next 2 weeks) however we already have holiday booked to New york and onto Vegas begining Sept, for a friends 50th so a long flight! I initially asked the interventional radiologist if flying was ok and he said would be fine, but now I am really concernd about it after reading some bad stories, and thinking about it, my feet swell up on a flight so what happens in your head?? Does anyone have any experience or even know how flying affects coiling & stent? Thanks. (wondering if I should even postpone opp till after holiday or postpone holiday?)

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  • Hi Brian,I had to wait for my second year scan to get the go ahead. Personally I would not chance it. I would also advise you that you are going to be in slow mode for a while. Listen to your body and rest when it tells you. Regards Colin

  • Hi jacacr. I was coiled clipped and a stent put in over 3 years ago and flew last year with no effect whatsoever. However, thinking back I don't think I would have been up to a long flight and holiday so soon after surgery as you are planning. It took me a long time to get back to normal after surgery. I don't think I would have been up to a weekend in Skegness let alone what you are planning.

    I would certainly advise postponing the holiday and not the surgery. Not sure how safe it would be to fly with an untreated aneurysm???

    Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • Hello, I was at a support group for SAH last week set up by Kings College Hospital, after having a clip inserted in December. I'd seen your post and asked about flying and the advice from the specialist nurse was it should be ok after a couple of weeks. The only reservation operation-wise was a possibility of air trapped under a healing craniotomy, which is what I have but you would not. However I would agree with the others who've replied, in such a small time frame, you might well feel like rubbish going on such a long flight. Even 6 months down the line it doesn't take much to make me want a nap, not something I used to be prone to. The fatigue can be nearly crippling. Saying that, if you do go, make sure you allow plenty of time to rest while you are there, as colinross said, listen to your body. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

  • Dear Jacacr,

    This is the first time I've written in this forum as I can hear alarm bells going off. I've had three craniotomies for seven clipped aneurysms. That was seven years ago now and I still have a terrible time flying 1 out of 5 times. The later model long-haul-aircraft are far better than the older jets you'll encounter on internal flights in the States (they have better air pressure systems), but ..... I wouldn't do it. It's not necessarily the length of flight, but rather the rate of decent.

    I don't think it's worth the risk, as much as you'd love to go, but apart from anything else you don't want to find yourself with a neurological "situation" on your hands once you've landed in the States.

    Take it slow after the coiling, listen to Desigreeneyes, postpone the holiday, not the surgery and wait awhile before making a move.

    All the best for the op.


  • I had an operation recently,sept 15,i am planning to go home but it will take 12 hours for my flyt,is it safe tontravel after 6weeks of said thats its safe...any experiences from ur side that can help me pls...

  • Dear Freny,

    The last time I wrote I got shot down in flames, so bear that in mind.

    I also have osteonecrosis of the skull which means I feel every single expansion and reduction in the arterial pressure. I feel every 500ft per minute ascent or decent in finite detail. I don't know the background of your surgery, but although every last neuro will tell you there's no danger, which may indeed be the case, I doubt they ever consider the pain a post craniotomy patient has to endure. I 've had 3 craniotomies and 7 aneurysms clipped, and 8 years after the last surgery combined with the osteonecrosis I'd say 1 out of 5/6 flights is hell. I doubt that the same applies to you, but don't be fooled, your CSF will expand and shrink along with any old thing on a flight. My "rule of thumb " is, the more modern the aircraft, the better the decompression systems.

    Whatever you choose to do, go gently and take care.

  • My operation is abt aneurysm,and use clipping...i hope it will all go well and no pain or any danger that will happen...

  • Hi sorry your post was a while ago but I've not logged on for a bit. I'm actually cabin crew for an airline and though my anuerysm hasn't been yet surgically dealt with my neuro surgeon assures me I will always be fit to fly for work should I go through with the coiling/stent op in the future (ive decided to leave it be for now due to other complications) Try not to worry too much. Hope you manage to get on your holiday. Lynne

  • Thanks everyone, have had procedure now, only had to have a flow diverting stent done vascularly, 2.5 hr op everything went well, 5 days in now, at home without so much as a headache! amazing. Doc insists that flying is fine 3-4 weeks after and mine will be 7 weeks but cant help feeling worried.

  • Hi all. I had a flow diverting stent and coils put in 3 weeks ago for a 20mm unruptured aneurysm. The surgery effects everyone differently and after 5 days I was back to normal doing everything I had done before. My consultant has said its fine to fly 3 weeks after surgery date so I'm off to Switzerland today. Follow your consultants advice and do what you feel you can do. Enjoy the holiday.

  • Update, holiday went ahead and flight was no different to usual !! very relieved, the only probs I had was with walking long distances, my groin ached so I tended to rest often!

  • I had my SAH coiled last December and a flow diverting stent put in. I flew to Majorca (from Bristol ) 2 weeks ago and was fine. Got tired easily whilst there but it was very hot.

  • Hi,

    That's the sort of length of journey I'm looking at. We have a place in Valencia City & fly from East Midlands so roughly 2.5 hours max. That sounds really promising & has given me a target to aim for now. Thank you for the information it's been really useful.


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