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Giant Brain Anuerysm

Hi there,

Giant Aneurysm was discovered after a blow to the head, by a wing mirror of a bus. Neuro Doctors feel, aneurysm has grown over a ong period of time, but cannot say if it was made bigger by the blow the head. However, I had no physical symptoms prior, to the accident. Since then, I have had persistent headache and pain behind the eye.

Neuro sugeons at Kings College, are reluctant to do surgery, since they feel it poses significant risk, if not death a long term stroke. I had an ballon acclusion test for endovascular treatment, however. But the artery which was temporarily blocked off, did not seem to resume blood from else where quick enough, which meant endovascular treatment could cause a stroke. They mentioned a bypass, but again, due to the size an location of the aneurysm, they feel poses significant risk. So it`s a catch 22, treating or leaving it. More keen to just leave it, as it could be years before it erupts, which is the gardest part, as theres no telling. An considering its already large, its more risk. 

Its quite scary for my family. An thinking of seeking a second opinion. If you`ve had experiences with this type, I`d be so grateful if you could relate. Thanks x

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Every procedure in the brain carries risk. Personally I could not wait to have mine coiled so I could begin to live again. The fear was unbearable for myself and my family. They were very happy for me to have the procedure even knowing there were risks. Its very much a personal decision and not one any of us could help you with. Perhaps talk to your family. An open honest meeting with you to help you make your decision. Good luck.


Hi I suffered a giant aneurism following a fall. I fell back wards and hit my head on a wall. It is quite a long tail so will stick to major bits.

The cut to my head was glued p in Brigham Minor Health Unit. I was warned to look out for all sorts with a bash on my bonce . This was 16th October. Three days later I was diagnosed as diabetic and given an infusion to correct bloods. I had an Mri nothing showed two weeks later I had another one and the contusion covered both sides of my brain like a close fitting Berret.

They thought it would get better by leaving it a lone. By Christas eve I had a whole load of fits I was loosing space and time . My head hurt as did body . Boxing day they took me in and kept me in one place so saw the New year in from Hospital then on the 6th January I went to Derriford and they performed a brain wash!

Yes it is risky but time is being treated gently and I am alive and well!

I don't know if y story will help you GOOD LUCK Ginsing


Hi I didn't really understand your post..but thanks for trying!


I cannot really comment on your actual case, I'm always a 'doctor knows best' sort of person!..... I have recently been diagnosed with 4mm enraptured annie (discovered by MRI for apparently unrelated headaches) and whilst seeing different consultants (some of the best as luckily I have private medical insurance with hubbies work) one surgeon told me to seriously consider doing anything due to risks of procedure v risks of rupture, something he said made me thing .... just because aneurysms grow, dosent mean to say they will rupture, its just that we lose our nerve and operate! ... I really dont want anything done, but dont think I could live with it and therefore I am opting for coiling and stent (vascular) .. I could live day to day, as after 4 weeks am 'getting used to it' but long term ? I would always be worried doing anything strenuous, having sex, rolling around the floor with grandchildren and also would rather take my chances in a controlled environment with a good doctor, than be somewhere, maybe on my own, in how many years time? what age would I be ? (57 now) may not have private health cover then etc., etc., ... but I really really have thought it through and now totally understand my first consultant when he delivered my news " you see this is why I dont like doing MRI's finding things like this and having to tell you" ! because if I didnt know........... By the sounds of your doctors, your risks are high, have they offered open surgery at all ?


ha ha ! just love how my predictive text always converts *unruptured* to enraptured!!


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