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Return to work

I went to my doctors on Monday to see about going back to work. He said he is impressed with my progress but he dose not want the responsibility of saying I'm ok to go back to work and that it's works occupational health team that as to decide. My work have someone to help me when I go back and I will be able to go home if I feel unwell. Can someone please let me whose dessission it is.

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I'm in a similar situation as you and it seems to me that it is a decision between us and occupational health worker. The problem is that the GP has to say that we are fit to work, otherwise we are not covered by our employers insurance. I'm finding it very difficult to be honest.

Sorry I couldn't be more help!!


Hi Judithba, the frustrating thing is I have seen a occupational health person about 4 weeks ago I was just waiting on results of a scan. Doctors at hospital say every thing is ok. There is no spare appointments at my work place till after Xmas for occupational health & even when I get to see them is he still going to say he dosent want the responsibility. I was thinking positive until I went to Doctor now I feel depressed.


Oy health have more say than your gp because they are working for your employer to decide whether you are fit enough to return without the employer being in breach of their duty of care. Your doctor can say whether s/he thinks you are fit to do a job, occy health advise your employer whether you are fit enough to do they job they are paying you to do. If they say no you won't be returning, regardless of whether your gp says you are 'fit to (generically) work.


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