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Any advice please!

I am freaking out. We already have 3 Children boy 7, Girl 5, Boy 4. I never had any bad symptoms with there pregnancies. However I am roughly 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and I am having the worst time of it!

I did a pregnancy test 6 days before my period was due because of extreme signs that I was pregnant! It came back positive :)

I have had a early scan at around 4 weeks due to miscarrying a twin with my last pregnancy (our youngest was a twin and one didn’t grow properly during the first few weeks). And they couldn’t see anything so I am defiantly not further along I have another scan booked on Monday but I am freeking out what’s going on?

At the scan the noted that I have a cyst on my right ovary and a big varicose vain on my left ovary!! Anyone else had this while pregnant?

Last Friday evening my HCG levels were 16DPO 500 by 18DPO they were 1100, I was roughly 4 weeks . I have morning sickness (I have never had this) extremely sore breasts (feels like It did when I was breastfeeding), very tired, cravings, food adversions, thirsty all the time! Need we wee all the time, cramping and back paid, vivid dreams, and extreme bloating ( I look around 4 months pregnant!) and hungry all the time!

This pregnancy feels so different from the others and it worrying me. It’s like ever pregnancy symptom has been magnified and started really early!

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Hi there, sorry to hear about your loss last time. Well, the signs do suggest you can be pregnant and sometimes 4 weeks could just be early to spot the baby in uterus just yet distinctly. But nonetheless, it's odd.... they should be able to spot it if the HCG is already sufficiently high to give BFP. But again it will be too early to decide on an ectopic or anything otherwise than that the pregnancy is at an early stage and that's the reason it wasn't spotted. I think you made the right choice by choosing to get another scan done to counter check. TBH the cyst is a worry though. I've heard from blogs and women on the forum that sometimes certain cyst might just mimic pregnancy. It simply spikes up the hormones... and the symptoms won't take more than that to appear. The HCG is hard to mimic though when you consider but that too happens not sure how or why. I guess it's only wise to stay optimistic in the meanwhile to stay put till the scan. Wish you luck for a pregnancy and will look forward to your upate. Good Luck!


Hey there,

Well first if all, congratulations on your pregnancy! :) And then sorry about going through these rough conditions. One thing which I can advise you is to try using some probiotics. Like yogurts. These are safe for pregnancy and recommended to be used. They help to balance gut flora and provide relief from some digestion related and other problems during pregnancy. Apart from yogurts, you might try using probiotic supplements as well. One which is recommended for pregnancy and helps is Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. This is completely natural, made from good bacteria that helps balance gut flora, strengthens the immune system and can be used to get relief from morning sicknesses or nausea.

I hope that helps :)


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