Me and my bf had unprotected sex April 25 and 26 I'm not sure when my period is due it's been going weird but he did say he cumed both times but I'm in care so social services said that if I was pregnant then it would be taken off me straight away and obviously I've been through that and it isn't very nice so I don't want that to happen, so what should I do??

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  • 1st things 1st find out if you are - then take it from there - there is options other than them just taking away your child x

  • Thankyou n I'm only 15 so they said they'll have no other choice x

  • Hi There,

    Sorry to hear life is a bit tough right now. Stress and worry can affect your periods, and saying don't worry doesn't really help. So let's find a better solution for you. Do you have a good school nurse you can talk to confidentially? No matter what your age, if you wish to keep a potential pregnancy then that should be worked out with you and a support worker. The other option is to find a local young person's contraceptive clinic as the nurses there can work out your period dates, and then do a pregnancy test with you (if necessary), so it's done at the right time, and then give you support or contraception whatever the outcome. Do go and talk to someone, as it would be good to have a support system you can rely on right now.

    Best Wishes


  • Thankyou I'm going to doctors to talk to someone but might speak to school nurse too, thanks for the help

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