I need some advice, a couple of weeks ago i did two pregnancy tests which were both negative, i since went to the doctors having been 5 weeks late on my period and wanted to know what's going on, she advised me to do another test and.. it came up positive. Went back to the doctors and estimated i was 8 weeks (freaking out at this point) and gave me a due date without me even proving that i was!! I did another two tests that evening and they were both negative!! I dont know what's going on :( i have had a blood test and we are now waiting on the results but I'm freaking out because we are not ready for a baby yet and definitely have not planned this! Has anyone else had somthing similar??? X

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  • You didn't use an Asda pregnancy test by any chance did you? Just there was something in the news recently about them giving women a false positive. The blood tests are more sensitive and will give you a def result.

  • My blood test came back negative thankfully. I used a pharmacy own brand one! Caused a lot of stress though x

  • I bet it did. At least you have the answer you wanted now x

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