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Difficult pregnancy week

Hi guys

I'm 12wk&3days, I've had a stressful week, I had a bleed early this week and was told not to worry. I had a private scan done just to be sure and baby was healthy, but it was mentioned I might have a heart shaped uterus which could cause bleeding throughout pregnancy. I've been ok all week but earlier this afternoon I had a pain shooting up the right side of my stomach. It lasted seconds but it was really painful. Nothing since but just wondered if anyone else had this?

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I had pains like what you're describing when I was around 5 weeks pregnant and was actually how I found out I was pregnant! They were initially concerned that I was having an ectopic pregnancy but turns out everything was normal and there was no explanation for the pain. You would have definitely known by now if you was having an ectopic pregnancy so I wouldn't worry about that. Sometimes there's no explanation for the pains we have when pregnant.

If you do become concerned talk to your midwife as it's better to be safe than sorry!! X


Thanks for your reply! I've read up on it and it's coming out at round ligament pain I think. I only had a scan Tuesday so 100% no ectopic so I'm hoping it's just aches and pains. Every pain is so unique to each different person that's the thing that gets me! Some women I've spoke to haven't had one bit of sickness but I've been sick nearly every day 2/3 times a day since I found out! It's just all about you as an individual isn't it! I'm just a proper worrier! How far gone are you now?



Yeah it probably is, I've had a lot of it! Every pregnancy is different I suppose. And well they are the lucky ones!! I had sickness up until around week 22. I'm now at week 24 and hoping it's not going to return!!

You're not the only worrier, every mum worries about their baby. It's natural hun x


Hi There,

Aches and pains in early pregnancy are very common, one reason is indeed the action of the hormones on muscles and ligaments. If however, the pain becomes unmanageable, or you start bleeding with clots, then you need to access support from your GP or 111, to ensure it is not more serious. Hope all goes well.

Best Wishes



Pain is definitely not a good sign, you need to do something about it, go talk to your doctor it might be normal or something serious, all the best and stay strong


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