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Surgical Abortion Scars?

Hi there, I found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have decided to have an abortion as being pregnant makes me anxious also I am psychologicaly not ready for a child and I want this over as soon as possible. I have done some research and I want the surgical abortion as there seems to be less potential for any of the pregnancy to be left in the womb. My concerns are whether there would be any scars as I don't want a constant reminder of the experience, also how long after the surgery would I be allowed to leave the clinic, I only ask because I don't plan on telling anyone I know about it so I'd be alone after the surgery. Any experiences are welcome :)

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Hi There,

Sorry to hear of your distress. As you are so early in the pregnancy, it would a procedure called vacuum aspiration and that does not involve any cutting or surgery as the procedure uses suction only. You can also have conscious sedation which reduce pain and anxiety, but you cannot drive for 24 hours after treatment. this is a link to our website where you can see short clips of a visit to the clinic to see who you meet etc. You are likely to be in the clinic around 3-4 hours, but you would know more after your consultation. I hope all goes ok.

Best Wishes



Hello, I've had an abortion and I had the surgery. The time frame you need to give yourself is 6 hours maximum. There won't be any scars and you can be put to sleep.

Hope this helps


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