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i told my boyfriend, we want to abort him/her


we talked about it, and we decided its the best choice for us right now. I dont know how ill cope with the guilt but he's here for me. thankyou for everyone who gave advice i felt so alone. we're going to a clinic tomorrow.

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Hi, so sorry you are going through this right now. I'm really concerned for you that even before the clinic appointment you feel that you don't know how you will cope with the guilt. Also you talk about him/her, please take a little time to consider if this is really what you want. Best wishes

Hi Why abort your baby. It's not the baby's fault. If your boyfriend loved you why is he wanting too get rid off his Child. I think it's a bad mistake and l think you will regret it. The biggest mistake and a baby who loves you. Wouldn't you be a good Mum. Your boyfriend could leave you at anytime and you would still be alone. There's help for you but getting rid off your Child is wrong.

It's her choice, don't you dare make her feel any more guilty than she already does. No it isn't the baby's fault, but it isn't hers either, and at this point she is way more important than a ball of cells that can't think, feel or love. The boyfriend not wanting a baby does not mean he doesn't love her, it means he loves it being just him and her for now. How dare you push your views on the poor, confused OP. Let her make her own choices not based on your outdated views.

If you weren't ready then you should of used protection just my opinion

Protection fails, nothing is 100%


Hi There,

Try to go along with an open mind. The staff at the clinic will be kind and spend time with you on your own, so they know that what ever decision you make it's your decision only. Whether you continue with the pregnancy, or decide to end it with an abortion, only you can decide what happens to your body, no-one else. Both are tough decisions, sometimes writing things down can help you to see what will be best for you at this point in your life. Don't be too hard on yourself, we are human and we make mistakes. Take very good care, hope it goes ok.

Best wishes


I don't want to sound judgmental - I think you have enough of that going on for yourself and right now you need support - 8 years ago I was in a similar position and I went through with it. There is not a day that goes by that I don't regret that decision. I really hope that you will reconsider and find a better solution, perhaps consult with your parents?


I haven't read your past story however, feel that some comments on here are extremely judgmental.

What I would say to you is, listen to yourself. This is your life that you are living. No one will feel what you feel or experience what you experience other then you.

An abortion is a huge deal but so is having a child, but remember again that this is your life. When making a decision like this only consider what is best for you don't make decisions to please others.

In this instance there is no right or wrong, only what will make you happy.

I hope whatever you do that you feel at peace with yourself.


Hi OP. I know neither of these choices seem good to you right now, and a lot of people seem to be telling you you WILL regret it, blah blah blah, but listen to yourself. Decide what you want, what is best for you and don't allow other people to make this choice for you. If abortion is what is best, then go for it. Chat with your boyfriend, maybe even a therapist. As Katherine said, don't be too hard on yourself and go in with an open mind, the staff are there to help you. Just remember you are the most important person in this, not your bf, not the fetus, and not people on the internet, it's your body and your life.

Hello Zeldaisafennecfox,

reading your post a week late, I think

of you from far away hoping that you have lots of support from nice people around you. It's a big decision and you had to make it. Trust that you will grow now accepting your choice of those days and that this is experience you have gained making you stronger for everything coming towards you in this strange and wonderful life. All the best to you!

I think sometimes abortion it the ONLY option considered. Try to think that way- abortion is not permitted, what options would You be looking in that situation? Adoption? Changing Your life? Maybe see it as another goal to go in life ( easy written I know ) but think about other aspects of that.

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